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Leviathan is a sea serpent summon that appears in many Final Fantasy games. Its first appearance was in Final Fantasy II, but Leviathan's first appearance as a summon is in Final Fantasy III. As a summon, Leviathan uses the attack Tsunami, which damages all enemies with water-based magic. Leviathan is named after and based on the Leviathan mentioned throughout the Hebrew Bible. Leviathan is generally depicted as being blue, although some games depict it as purple or green.


Final Fantasy series[edit]

Final Fantasy II[edit]

Leviathan appears as the guardian of the Mysidian Tower, consuming those who possess a Crystal Rod. Its innards comprise a dungeon that the Rebels must traverse. Ricard joins the party here, having been swallowed himself.

Final Fantasy III[edit]

Leviathan makes his first appearance as a summon, and can be fought under Lake Dohr on the Floating Continent once the party acquires the Invincible.

Final Fantasy IV[edit]

SNES sprite

In Final Fantasy IV, Leviathan makes its appearance as a summon. It has a purple body, and its mouth and the tip of its find are red. Leviathan also appears as a boss. During the game, Rydia is kidnapped by Leviathan, who raises her into becoming a Summoner. Rydia can later learn how to use Leviathan as a summon, and it costs her 50 MP to use Leviathan in battle.

Final Fantasy V[edit]

Leviathan is a Level 5 summon spell acquired in the Merged World after defeating him in the cave behind Istory Falls.

Final Fantasy VI[edit]

Available only in the Advance and 2014 versions co-developed with Matrix Software, Leviathan is one of the four bonus Espers, found by boarding a ferry after completing the events of South Figaro in the World of Ruin. He teaches the Water-elemental spell Flood with an x2 learn rate. It is advisable to bring Mog to the battle, as he can learn Water Harmony after completing it (if it was missed earlier).

Final Fantasy VII[edit]

Worshipped in ancient times as the Water God by the people of Wutai, the Leviathan summon materia can be won by Yuffie upon defeating Godo at the Pagoda of the Five Gods. The Leviathan Scales, used to squelch the flames within the caves of the Da-chao Statue, are found in the submarine bays of the Junon Underwater Reactor.

Final Fantasy VIII[edit]

Leviathan appears as a GF, and must be drawn from NORG when his central pod is destroyed.

Final Fantasy IX[edit]

Leviathan is a summon for Dagger drawn from the Aquamarine gemstone. The first Aquamarine is obtained during Part 2 around the exterior of the Iifa Tree. Leviathan's power increases with the number of Aquamarines held in reserve.

Final Fantasy XII[edit]

The major airships of the Archadian Empire are named after previous summoned creatures. The Dreadnought Leviathan is one of the largest, and is explored about one-fourth of the way through the plot.

Final Fantasy XV[edit]

Final Fantasy XVI[edit]

Artwork for Final Fantasy XVI

In Final Fantasy XVI, Leviathan is an Eikon whose Dominant is Waljas. Leviathan is the Eikon of Water who is lost to history, being referred as "Leviathan the Lost". He plays a central role in The Rising Tide DLC.

Chocobo series[edit]

Chocobo Racing[edit]

In Chocobo Racing, a Leviathan appears in the background of the Fantasia race course.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales[edit]

In Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales, Leviathan is the guardian of the Water Crystal. It is featured in the pop-up book and minigame, The Boy Who Cried Leviathan. In the book, which is a parody of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, a young Chocobo falsely exclaims Leviathan a few times. When a Leviathan actually came, nobody came to the boy's rescue, as he had lied the previous few times. He sinks underwater, and during the minigame, Chocobo and his rivals have the role of the young boy, as they try and swim away from the Leviathan, whom Bebuzzu takes on the form of, swimming after them. There are six different pop-up cards of Leviathan.

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Leviathan's splash card for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Leviathan appears in the Midgar stage as one of the possible summons released from Summon Materia. Leviathan's appearance is designed after its appearance in Final Fantasy VII. If released, Leviathan floods the underside of the stage.

In Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U - Final Video Presentation video, there is a unique splash card for Leviathan.


Final Fantasy IV[edit]

Final Fantasy IV stats
HP Strength Defense Magic Magic Defense Gil EXP Type Treasure
50,001 174 1 17 8 0 28,000 None Potion
Weakness Resistance Absorbs
Lightning All conditions None

Bestiary navigation[edit]

Final Fantasy IV Advance
Odin | Leviathan (#241) | Bahamut


Final Fantasy IV[edit]

  • Final Fantasy IV Advance instruction booklet (page 39): "Summons Leviathan, spirit of the deep blue sea. Causes a massive tsunami that inflicts damage on all enemies."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Léviathan Leviathan
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