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Ifrit is a powerful fire beast and a summon in the Final Fantasy games. It first appears in Final Fantasy III. Ifrit's signature attack is Hellfire, in which it inflicts fire damage on all enemies.


Final Fantasy III[edit]

Ifrit is one of the five summons purchased in the lowerworld town of Replito. His magic can be used by the Evoker, Summoner, and Sage jobs. In the 3D remake, the Sage was nerfed to use Summon magic at the Evoker's level.

Final Fantasy IV[edit]

Ifrit, known as Jinn in the western version of SNES Final Fantasy II, is one of five summons acquired when Rydia rejoins the party as an adult.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[edit]

The Mysterious Girl wrests control of Rydia's eidolons, including Ifrit, who sets fire to Eblan Castle.

Final Fantasy V[edit]

In Final Fantasy V, Ifrit is first fought as a boss in a hidden room in floor B1 of the Library of the Ancients. Once defeated, the party obtains Ifrit as a summon. They are required to obtain Ifrit in order to bypass a bookshelf located on the leftmost corner of the room from which the party accessed Ifrit's lair.

It costs 11 MP for a Summoner to summon Ifrit. In doing so, Ifrit uses Hellfire on all enemies.

Final Fantasy VI[edit]

Ifrit must be fought alongside Shiva in the disposal room of the Magitek Research Facility. As the Esper of Fire, he teaches Fire at a rate of x10, Fira at x5, and Drain at x1. He grants Strength +1 at level-up while equipped. Though Terra learns all of Ifrit's magic naturally, the Strength bonus remains obtainable.

Final Fantasy VII[edit]

Obtained after defeating Jenova-BIRTH aboard the Shinra Cargo Ship.

Final Fantasy VIII[edit]

Obtained after subduing him in the Fire Cavern.

Final Fantasy IX[edit]

Ifrit is one of four summons already acquired by Dagger when she joins the party, but as her Summoner powers do not awaken at this point, their MP cost is quadrupled. Once Dagger takes the throne later in the adventure, Ifrit is contained within the Topaz gemstone and can thereafter be drawn out.

Final Fantasy X[edit]

Yuna obtains Ifrit upon solving the Cloister of Trials at Kilika Temple.

Final Fantasy XII[edit]

The airships of the Archadian Empire are named for summoned creatures. The Ifrit first appears during a raid on Rabanastre.

Final Fantasy XIV[edit]

Ifrit is the god of the Amalj'aa tribe. He is the first primal fought and defeated by the Warrior of Light, when they are kidnapped and taken before him to be tempered, which fails thanks to Hydaelyn's Blessing of Light.

Final Fantasy XV[edit]

Ifrit appears as an antagonist, having bonded with Ardyn Izunia.

Final Fantasy XVI[edit]

Artwork for Final Fantasy XVI

In Final Fantasy XVI, Ifrit is an Eikon whose Dominant is Clive Rosfield. He is a second Eikon of Fire, which is stated to impossible to exist. Clive first primes into Ifrit for the first time without warning during the Night of Flames and proceeds to attack and seemingly kill his brother Joshua Rosfield, the Dominant of the Phoenix. Not knowing that he transformed, Clive swears revenge on Ifrit.

Clive transforms into Ifrit again 13 years later during his battle with Benedikta Harman's Eikon, Garuda which resulted in the latter's death. Ifrit unexpectedly went out of control and had to be quelled by his friend, Cidolfus Telamon, Dominant of Ramuh. After the incident, Clive finally learns that it was he that transformed into Ifrit, causing him to develop suicidal depression, unable to bear the guilt of his brother's alleged death.

It wasn't until Clive and Jill entered the ruins of Phoenix's Gate that the former accepted the truth as Ifrit's Dominant, defeating a shadow of himself. After accepting Ifrit, Clive gained control of him and the use of his Eikonic abilities. Despite this, Clive seems to unable to prime Ifrit at will, much to his dismay, something that puzzled Cid as a Dominant's ability to prime an Eikon is a natural instinct.

When the party reaches the Drake's Heart Mothercrystal, Typhon appeared from a portal and fatally wounds Cid. Clive attempts to prime Ifrit to fight him off, but is unsuccessful and is pulled into a different dimension. In the dimension, Clive successfully primes into Ifrit again to do battle with Ultima's avatar, Typhon in which he is successful of defeating him. After returning, a dying Cid passes Ramuh's power onto Clive. After Cid's death, Clive took up his mantle, but five years later, still had not primed Ifrit again. Clive attempted to prime Ifrit to assist Shiva at the Drake's Breath Mothercrystal but failed.

Clive finally primes Ifrit once again to do battle with Titan while chasing its dominant Hugo Kupka to the Drake's Fang Mothercrystal. Eventually Titan transformed into a colossal version of himself, called Titan Lost after absorbing the Mothercrystal's aether in which he destroys. Titan and Ifrit continue their battle in Titan Lost's body in which Clive comes out on top, killing Kupka in the process. Ifrit later destroys Drake's Fang.

Clive calls upon Ifrit's power once more to assist in Joshua's effort in quelling Bahamut's rampage at Twinside, with the two fusing into one Eikon: Ifrit Risen. Together, they manage to defeat Bahamut above the orbit of the world, while Joshua saves Dion from falling to his death. Clive briefly primed Ifrit to battle with King Barnabas Tharmr's Eikon, Odin, slaying his steed Sleipnir with a reverse Zantetsuken, forcing Barnabas back into his human form. Ifrit too also reverts back to human form due to exhaustion and continued their battle in their human forms.

Inside the Interdimension Rift, Clive and Joshua came across a decayed version of Ifrit, revealed to be the Drake's Spine's Ultima's real body who subsequently used it to do battle with the brothers but was defeated. In Mysidia, Clive primes Ifrit to calm the rampaging Leviathan after Shula weakens the spell that froze Waljas in time and manages to do so, freeing the baby from the cruel fate.

After absorbing all the powers of the Eikons, Clive, Joshua, and Bahamut made their way to Origin. There, the brothers primed into their respective Eikons to face off against Ultima Prime, which resembles Ifrit with a single wing. Although they manage to fend him off, they lost Dion in the process. In the nexus, They witnessed Ultima's kin's physical bodies kept in stasis there, all looking like dark versions of Clive and Joshua's Ifrit Risen; these bodies' souls had become the hearts of Mothercrystals on Valisthea but had been freed thanks to Cid and Clive's efforts. The Ultima from Drake's Heart emerged from Joshua's body and rejoined the collective, killing him in the process. Before dying, Joshua passes the Phoenix's power unto him to face Ultima. During the battle with Ultima, Clive primes Ifrit Risen one more time to do battle with Ultima Risen, in which he triumphs. After Ultima's defeat, Clive absorbs his power in which he uses to destroy Origin's nexus, erasing Bearers, Magic, Dominants, and Eikons from the world.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イフリート
French Ifrit Ifrit
German Ifrit Ifrit
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