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Clive Rosfield

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Clive Rosfield
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Clive Rosfield

Clive Rosfield FFXVI artwork.png
Artwork of Clive as an adult in Final Fantasy XVI

Clive Rosfield young FFXVI artwork.png
Artwork of Clive as a teenager in Final Fantasy XVI

Kuraivu Rozufīrudo
Birthplace Rosaria
Age 33
Gender Male
Species Human
Weapon(s) Swords (usually Invictus)
Affiliation Grand Duchy of Rosaria
Occupation First Shield of Rosaria
Dominant of Ifrit
Family Joshua Rosfield (younger brother)
Elwin Rosfield (father)
Anabella Rosfield (mother)
Byron Rosfield (uncle)
English voice actor Ben Starr
Japanese voice actor Yūya Uchida (young adult)
Yuma Uchida (teen)

Clive Rosfield is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XVI. He is the First Shield of Rosaria, tasked with protecting his brother Joshua Rosfield, the Dominant of the Phoenix.



Clive is the firstborn son of the Archduke of Rosaria, Elwin Rosfield. Though he was expected to inherit the Phoenix's power and become its Dominant, his younger brother Joshua was chosen instead. Clive decided to join the Rosaria army's ranks and become a Shield, not only to protect Joshua but also to gain a purpose in life. The army's ranks initially scorned Clive's joining, which they considered nepotism from Rosaria's ruling family, but he took his training seriously enough to gain their respect. He also gained the blessing of the Phoenix, allowing him to use some of its power.

Final Fantasy XVI[edit]

After a training session with Lord Commander Rodney Murdoch of the Shields of Rosaria, Clive meets with his father Elwin, from whom he learns that the Blight has spread into Rosaria and the duchy is planning to reclaim the Mothercrystal Drake's Breath from the Iron Kingdom. While on the way to meet Elwin and Joshua at Phoenix Gate for the Ancestral Rite of Reunion, Clive quells a goblin infestation at Stillwind Marsh with the ducal guards Tyler and Wade; not only to prove his strength as a Shield of Rosaria, but also to prove his mother Anabella wrong about him.

When Clive arrives at Phoenix Gate, the fort has been infiltrated by forces from the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, who aim to capture Joshua and kill Elwin. Although Clive delays the imperial army's advance with help from Murdoch, Tyler, and Wade, Elwin is killed by disguised Sanbrequois soldiers. Helpless, Clive is forced to watch as a second Dominant of Fire, with the Eikon Ifrit, kills the awakened Phoenix. Clive swears revenge for Joshua's death, only to be captured by the Sanbrequois army and enslaved as a Bearer into their ranks.

Still driven by revenge against the unknown Dominant, Clive spends the next thirteen years in the Sanbrequois army's Bastards, an all-Bearer unit, under the alias "Wyvern". Clive later takes part in the Battle of Nysa, where he and the Bastards have been sent to kill the Dominant of Shiva, but is temporarily incapacitated when Shiva fights Titan. After fighting a horde of Ironblood fanatics to get to his target, Clive discovers that Jill is Shiva's Dominant. Refusing to kill his childhood friend, he betrays and kills the Bastards' commander before being saved from an Ironblood ambush by Cidolfus Telamon, accompanied by an adult Torgal.

Clive is taken to safety in Cid's Hideaway, where he joins Cid's cause to free Bearers from slavery while still looking for the unknown Dominant. While Cid rescues a captive group of Bearers in Lostwing, Clive follows rumors that Benedikta Harman is holding the second Dominant of Fire captive in the fortress Caer Norvent. Clive defeats Benedikta in battle and inadvertently absorbs her Eikonic powers before escaping the fort. After chasing a vision of the Dominant of Fire through the Sanbrequois countryside, Clive is forced to fight Benedikta again, now fully transformed into Garuda. Clive then unexpectedly primes into Ifrit and kills Garuda, but despite this, he continues to rampage until Cid transforms into Ramuh to quell him.

Back in the Hideaway, Clive is stripped naked and chained in the dungeon, finally learning that it was he that transformed into Ifrit that night at Phoenix Gate and develops suicidal depression, even requesting Cid to kill him, claiming himself to be a monster that killed Joshua. Cid then frees him and told him to get dress and meet him outside.

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