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Phoenix is a powerful fire bird and a summon in the Final Fantasy games. It first appears in Final Fantasy V. Phoenix's signature attack is Flames of Rebirth, which revives knocked out party members and deals fire-elemental damage to enemies.


Final Fantasy V[edit]

The Phoenix is a level 5 summon obtained at the summit of the Phoenix Tower in the Merged World, when a wounded wind drake sacrifices itself to assist the party. Its Rebirth Flame deals fire damage to all foes and revives one fallen ally.

Final Fantasy VI[edit]

The Phoenix magicite can be found in the Phoenix Cave "where the mountains form a star" in the World of Ruin. The cave can be accessed any time after the player acquires the Falcon, but requires two parties to traverse. Locke Cole has made it his mission to acquire the legendary Esper in order to revive his lost love Rachael; but the stone is cracked when found. While Locke and Rachael reunite briefly, the Phoenix soon fades, prompting Rachael to bond with and restore it to full. Now with closure, Locke recovers the stone and all the rare treasure he found while exploring the cave.

Phoenix revives all allies and deals fire damage when summoned for 110 MP. It teaches Raise x10, Arise x2, Reraise x1, Curaga x2, and Firaga x3.

Final Fantasy VII[edit]

The Phoenix summon materia can be won after successfully defending Fort Condor during the Huge Materia story arc. Though the giant condor will fall, its spirit becomes the materia as the avatar of a phoenix rises from the base of the hill. Should the player fail, the materia will land in Bone Village to be excavated.

Final Fantasy VIII[edit]

The Phoenix can be summoned via a Phoenix Pinion. Once summoned, there is a random chance that the party can be revived when wiped out.

Final Fantasy IX[edit]

Phoenix is one of Eiko's four drawable summons, learnt by equipping a Phoenix Pinion in her Add-on slot. Its functions are similar to the previous title. The chance of revival on KO is calculated as follows:


Final Fantasy XVI[edit]

Artwork for Final Fantasy XVI

In Final Fantasy XVI, the Phoenix is an Eikon whose Dominant is Joshua Rosfield. The Phoenix is the Eikon of Fire. When Elwin's father died, it was expected that his older son, Clive would inherit the Phoenix, but was instead passed down to his younger son, Joshua. In the year 860, Joshua first primes into the Phoenix at Phoenix's Gate, during the Night of Flames after witnessing his father beheaded by Sanbrequois soldiers, losing control of his power and begins rampaging. Clive too would also (unknowingly) primes into a second Eikon of Fire, Ifrit and proceeds to attack and seemingly kill the Phoenix.

The Phoenix would not publicly appear again until nearly two decades after the tragedy at Phoenix's Gate in the year 878 when Bahamut rampages throughout Twinside.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フェニックス
Spanish Fénix Phoenix
French Phénix Phoenix
German Phönix Phoenix
Italian Fenice Phoenix
Portuguese Fênix Phoenix
Russian Феникс
Korean 피닉스
Chinese (Simplified) 不死鸟
Chinese (Traditional) 鳳凰
Thai ฟีนิกซ์
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