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Ultima (Final Fantasy XVI)

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Ultima (Final Fantasy XVI)
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Ultima (Final Fantasy XVI)
Ultima (Final Fantasy XVI).png
Gender Male
Species God
Affiliation Himself
English voice actor Harry Lloyd
Japanese voice actor Mitsuru Miyamoto

Ultima is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy XVI. He is a god-like being who manipulated the events of Valisthea from the shadows.



Years before the main events of the game, Ultima and his race fled their homeland through their ark, Origin after it was destroyed by the Blight for their overuse of Magic, casting off their physical form in the process, only sixteen of them survived. Ultima and his kin saw only one option of salvation: to start afresh. First, they find a land untouched by the Blight: Valisthea. Second, eight of Ultima's race sacrificed their bodies to create the Mothercrystals to harvest the realm's aether to be directed into Origin. Third, they cast the seeds of humanity to sire their Mythos, the ideal vessel to cast the spell Raise to revive his kin. After that Ultima slept for millennia, without his guidance, humanity took on a will of their own. At some point he made contact with Barnabas Tharmr, king of Waloed and Dominant of Odin, turning him into his key player of ridding humanity of their free will.

Final Fantasy XVI[edit]

Eventually, Ultima found his Mythos; Clive Rosfield who awakens as the Dominant of Ifrit. Under his orders, Barnabas orchestrated scenarios for Clive to come in contact with the other Dominants. Eventually Ultima reveals his existence to Clive, Jill, and Cid when they destroyed Drake's Head, unknowingly freeing a fragment of Ultima. There Ultima used Typhon to test him before attempting to merge Clive's consciousness with his. Joshua, Dominant of the Phoenix then sealed this fragment of Ultima into his body where it lodged and appeared as a dark crystal embedded on Joshua's chest.

After Clive kills Kupka at Drake's Fang, Ultima again attempted to merge his consciousness with Clive's, however he manages to resist the merger. Later, Ultima, under the guise of Olivier Lesage manipulated Bahamut's Dominant, Dion Lesage into an uncontrollable prime by tricking him into killing his father, Sylvestre Lesage and attacking Twinside. His rampage was halted by the combined efforts of Clive and Joshua, combining their Eikons into Ifrit Risen. Olivier later reveals his true nature as a puppet of Ultima, before being killed by Dion. After the incident, Ultima casts Primogenesis and began sapping Aether from Valisthea to direct it to Origin and releasing a large amount of Aether, resulting millions turning Akashic. Ultima later sends Barnabas to sever the bonds of the "Mythos", Clive for the god's new body.

On Ash, Joshua eventually discovers the complete mural of the Circle of Malius, complete with Leviathan the Lost and learned of the Eikon's role as Ultima's servants, but is puzzled why the Phoenix is absent. After Barnabas's downfall, he spoke to Clive, goading him to embrace his role in which he refuses. As the party make their way to the Drake's Spine Mothercrystal, Ultima spirits them away into the Interdimensional Rift. There he reveals to them that he created humanity, for the sole purpose of harboring his Mythos to escape the Blight after his homeland was destroyed by it. Clive and Joshua glimpse of a decaying body of Ifrit in which Ultima uses to battle the two. Ultima then tries to enthrall Clive into abandoning everything and embrace his role. Joshua at the last moment brought him back via his feather and together fused into Ifrit Risen]and attacks Ultima. As he fades away he deduces that Clive is about to become Logos. This resulted in the Drake's Spine crystal's destruction as well.

Ultima then raises Origin underneath Twinside into the sky, destroying the city, appearing as a giant black Mothercrystal. Clive, Joshua, and Dion made their way into Origin to confront him. Ultima then transformed into a darkened, one-winged version of Ifrit; known as Ultima Prime and battles them. Ultimately, Ultima dominated most of the fight, even shrugging off the trio's Tri-Disaster. Dion sacrifices himself to give the Rosfield brothers more time. When they enter the central chambers, they discovered discarded bodies of Ultima's true nature as a hivemind. Ultima revealed to them that he wanted them to destroy the Mothercrystals all along to reunite with his fractures. Then the Ultima fragment that Joshua sealed inside him broke free and rejoined the collective, killing him. Ultima then recombined his fractured pieces back into one being.

As Joshua dying, he passes the Phoenix's power unto him before expiring. Clive then faces Ultima for the final battle to determine Valisthea's future. To his shock, Ultima is unable to purge Clive's will, his calm and emotionless demeanor collapses and driven to desperation, priming into Ultima Risen, but is unable to overcome Clive's Ifrit Risen. Ultima then fuses with his off-shoots in a last ditch effort to kill him; becoming Ultimalius. He uses various Eikonic abilites in an effort to defeat Clive, but with the support of his friends and family, Clive was able to overpower him. On his knees, Clive told him that he refused to acknowledge and shunned humanity, defiantly stating that he doesn't need anyone, with Clive saying that how he was different. Ultimalius attempted to make a last stand but was finally defeated with Clive throwing his sword through his chest and delivers the coup de grace by a punch in the face. Clive then absorbs his remains to destroy Origin, erasing Magic from Valisthea.