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Ramuh is a character and a recurring summon in the Final Fantasy franchise. He makes his first appearance in Final Fantasy III. Ramuh is often associated with the power of thunder and lightning, and in most cases is represented as an old man carrying a gnarled wooden staff.


Final Fantasy III[edit]

Ramuh can be bought in Replito, and is usable by Evokers, Sages, and Summoners.

Final Fantasy IV[edit]

Known as Indra in the western version of SNES Final Fantasy II, Ramuh joins Rydia when she rejoins the party in the Dwarf Castle.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[edit]

The Mysterious Girl wrests control of Rydia's primals, including Ramuh. The party battles Ramuh in Mysidia in order to return him to Rydia.

Final Fantasy V[edit]

Ramuh is a random encounter in the forests near Istory on Bartz's World. Defeating him here will yield his summon item of the same name, which teaches the Level 2 summon spell when used.

Final Fantasy VI[edit]

An important character, Ramuh is now an Esper, discovered by the party when they scale the tallest building in Zozo and defeat Dadaluma and his flunkies. Ramuh fled to Zozo with a group of his kin to escape the Magitek Research Facility and was able to help Terra control her Esper powers when they awoke. He then sacrifices himself to the party as magicite.

As the lightning-elemental Esper, Ramuh teaches Thunder at x10, Poison at x5, and Thundara at x2, granting +1 Stamina at level-up when equipped.

Final Fantasy VII[edit]

The Ramuh materia can be found in the chocobo paddock of the Gold Saucer after defeating Dyne. As part of a timed event, the orb must be found before the party is called to race, else it can be missed.

Final Fantasy IX[edit]

Ramuh is once again an important character, and is Dagger's first eidolon after her recovery from Alexandria Castle. He will hide in five different areas of Pinnacle Rocks, with each of his manifestations carrying a snippet of a story based on Final Fantasy II. Dagger must then arrange four of the snippets in the proper order and present the completed story at the exit to receive a Peridot and thereby draw Ramuh into herself.

Ramuh costs 22 MP to summon, with his lightning-elemental damage increasing with the number of Peridots in reserve.

Final Fantasy XIV[edit]

In Final Fantasy XIV, Ramuh is the god of the Sylph tribe. He is fought in the trials The Striking Tree (Hard) and The Striking Tree (Extreme). A reimagined version of Ramuh is also fought in the Eden raid series, in Eden's Verse: Fulmination.

There is no egi version of Ramuh available to player characters.

Final Fantasy XVI[edit]

Artwork for Final Fantasy XVI

In Final Fantasy XVI, Ramuh is an Eikon whose Dominant is Cidolfus Telamon.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラムウ
French Ramuh Ramuh
German Ramuh Ramuh
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