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Antlion's Den

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Antlion's Den
Antlion's Den PSX.png
Antlion's Den in the PlayStation version
Antorion no Dōkutsu
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy IV
Type Cave
Inhabitants Antlion
Unique area(s) Antlion Nest
Unique item(s) Sand Ruby

The Antlion's Den is a cavern that appears in Final Fantasy IV. It is where the party battles the Antlion, who guards the Sand Ruby. The place has three floors: B1F, B2F, and the Antlion Nest, which is the lowest floor and the resting place of the Antlion.

In the Super Nintendo version, the location is shortened to simply Antlion. In the PlayStation and Final Fantasy IV Advance, it is named Antlion Cave (alternatively named Antlion Caves in the latter[1]).

Enemies encountered[edit]




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