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Kaipo FF4 SNES screenshot.png
Cecil standing outside of Kaipo's Inn in Final Fantasy IV's original Super Nintendo version
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy IV
Type Town
Inhabitants Tellah, Anna

Kaipo is a town found within the Damcyan province in Final Fantasy IV. It is governed by the Damcyan Castle, and is the hometown of Tellah and his daughter Anna. Even though Kaipo is situated deep within the desert, it has a large oasis behind it.

Like most towns, Kaipo has an Inn, an Armor Shop, an Item Shop, and a Weapon Shop. There is a Pub on the second floor of the Inn.


Cecil first visits Kaipo to bring a young girl to safety after he accidentally destroyed her hometown, Mist, with a Carnelian Signet. When Cecil first enters Kaipo with the young girl, he takes her into the town's Inn, where both of them go for some rest. Cecil talks to the young girl and checks in on her, but she does not respond, likely from being devastated that Mist burned down.

Later that night, a General and three Baron Soldiers enter the Inn and demand Cecil to hand over the young girl because the King of Baron felt that the Summoners from Mist were too dangerous to be kept alive. After Cecil defeats the Soldiers and General in a battle, the young girl introduces herself as Rydia and willingly joins Cecil on his journey. After this, it costs 50 gil a night to stay at the Inn.

At Damcyan, Anna reveals to Tellah that Edward, the prince of Damcyan, traveled to Kaipo disguised as a Bard. He and Anna fell in love and fled to Damcyan. Anna then asks Tellah to forgive her, and Tellah then realizes how much she loved Edward.

In a house at the northeastern part of Kaipo, Cecil finds Rosa, who is sick from desert fever. An old man tells Cecil that they need to acquire the Sand Pearl, a key item found in the Antlion's Den, in order to cure Rosa from her illness. Edward joins Cecil and Rydia, and the three of them manage to defeat the Antlion in the Antlion's Den and obtain the Sand Pearl. The party returns to Kaipo and gives the Sand Pearl to Rosa, curing her of desert fever. She briefly tells them about the Crystals, which are sought after by Golbez and his puppet, the King of Baron. Rosa says that the Wind Crystal, which has not yet been claimed by Golbez, is at Fabul, but the party is required to travel through Mt. Hobs in order to get there.

The night before the party leaves, Edward goes outside to play his harp. He is suddenly attacked by a Sahagin. Anna makes an appearance, and she encourages Edward to believe in himself. In doing so, Edward manages to defeat the Sahagin. After the battle, Anna says goodbye to Edward and tells him to stop Golbez from taking all of the Crystals.


In Final Fantasy IV, aside from what is sold at the Item Shop, the only item in Kaipo is an Ether, which is hidden in the upper pot behind the Weapon Shop.


Name Price
Antidote 40 gil
Eye Drops 30 gil
Gold Needle 400 gil
Gysahl Greens 50 gil
Maiden's Kiss 60 gil
Phoenix Down 100 gil
Potion 30 gil
Tent 100 gil
Name Price
Bow 220 gil
Iron Arrow 10 gil
Rod 100 gil
Staff 160 gil
Name Price
Clothes 50 gil
Iron Armlet 100 gil
Leather Cap 100 gil
Leather Garb 200 gil



  • In the original Super Famicom release, there is a sealed off building in Kaipo, but in the Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy IV Easy-Type releases, a door was added to the building, which became the Training Room.
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