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Fat Chocobo

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Not to be confused with Chubby Chocobo.
Fat Chocobo
Fat Chocobo FF8 screenshot.png
A Fat Chocobo in Final Fantasy VIII
Debu Chokobo
Gender Male
Species Chocobo

Fat Chocobo is an overweight chocobo that appears in several Final Fantasy games. He first appears in Final Fantasy III. In the Chocobo series, there is a similar overweight chocobo named Chubby Chocobo. Fat Chocobo has the same yellow feathers as a chocobo, but is much larger and plump than regular ones.


Final Fantasy III[edit]

In Final Fantasy III, Fat Chocobo's sprite is colored white. It can be summoned with a Gisahl Vegetable in a Chocobo Woods or areas where it "smells like chocobo". There is also a Fat Chocobo aboard the Invincible airship, where a Vegetable vending machine can be found. Fat Chocobo can store the party's items in his belly, which is a method item storage so that the party do not run out of inventory space. Fat Chocobo can regurgitate the swallowed items when the party needs them again. The only things Fat Chocobo will not hold on to are key items.

Final Fantasy IV[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV, Fat Chocobo retains its role from Final Fantasy III. The party can use Gysahl Greens to call forth Fat Chocobo in a Chocobo Forest or a certain area of the Dwarven Castle. If the party has a Gysahl Whistle, they can call on Fat Chocobo from any location, although Fat Chocobo does not like if he is called in a dungeon area. Fat Chocobo is also found on the Lunar Whale.

In the 3D remake, because the inventory is not limited, Fat Chocobo no longer holds on to items for the party. It instead allows the player to access some of the game's bonus features.

Final Fantasy V[edit]

In Final Fantasy V, if the Chocobo summon is used in battle, there is a possibility of a Fat Chocobo attacking instead of a regular chocobo.

Final Fantasy VII[edit]

In Final Fantasy VII, Fat Chocobo, whose name is formatted Fat-Chocobo in-game, makes a cameo appearance. It sometimes appears when a character summons Choco/Mog, and appears instead of the duo. He falls from the sky and crushes enemies, causing heavy wind-elemental damage.

Final Fantasy VIII[edit]

In Final Fantasy VIII, Fat Chocobo appears on a card for the Triple Triad card game under the name Chubby Chocobo, which is the same name as the Chocobo series character. It can be refined into 100 Luv Luv G.

Final Fantasy IX[edit]

In Final Fantasy IX, Fat Chocobo was given a slightly different appearance: his eyes are completely closed, he wears a crown-like hat, and he stands upright like a human. In the game, Fat Chocobo is the king of Chocobo's Paradise, where it rules over chocobos. Fat Chocobo's home is the final location that Zidane must help Choco and his friend Mene find through Chocographs, tablets similar to treasure maps.

Some of the Chocographs take Choco to a dream world, where Fat Chocobo blesses him with new powers that let him cross different types of terrain, including shallow water, mountains, all types of water, and eventually gives the power of flight when requirements are met. Flying on Choco is the only way to get to the Chocobo's Paradise.

Fat Chocobo is an avid Tetra Master player. He holds the rare Boco, Fat Chocobo, and Chocobo cards.


  • "Enter Fat Chocobo!"
  • "Hello! What do you want?"
  • "Hey! Don't use that here!"
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