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Final Fantasy IX

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Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy IX
FFIX logo.png

Fainaru Fantajī Nain






PlayStation, PlayStation Network, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows (via Steam & Microsoft Store), Xbox One, iOS, Android

Release date:

Japan July 7, 2000
United States / Canada November 13, 2000
EuropeAustralia February 16, 2001
PlayStation Network:
United States / Canada June 15, 2010
EuropeAustralia May 26, 2010
Japan May 20, 2010
WW: February 9, 2016
WW: April 14, 2016
PlayStation 4
WW: September 19, 2017
Switch, Xbox One, & Windows 10
WW: February 14, 2019


Role-playing game

Game modes:

Single player


ESRB: Teen (T)

Final Fantasy IX is the ninth installment of the Final Fantasy series. It was originally released for the PlayStation in 2000. The game in part serves as a retrospective, and has several allusions to earlier Final Fantasy games. As such, it departs from the futuristic settings of Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy VIII, although the setting was added back into Final Fantasy X.

The story takes place during a war on the planet Gaia. The main protagonist is a thief named Zidane Tribal, who kidnaps Garnet Til Alexandros XVII as part of a gambit by the neighboring nation of Lindblum. They go on a journey together, along with more characters joining along the way, to take down Garnet's mother, Queen Brahne.

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