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Magic Point

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A magic point (abbreviated MP) is a unit that represents a character's ability to cast spells, such as Black Magic and White Magic. Spells cost MP,

In Final Fantasy games prior to Final Fantasy IV, magic spell levels had their own MP pool, i.e. 10 level 1 Black Magic points and 5 level 2 Blqck Magic spells. Lower level spells can use MP pools from higher level MP pools, but not the other way around. In later games, MP pools were consolidated into one single pool for all spells for that character. Some later remakes and ports of earlier games use this newer system, with some exceptions (for example, the 3D remake of Final Fantasy III and the Pixel Remaster releases of the first three games).

MP is restored by either MP restoring items like Ether, an uncommon item in most games and fairly expensive in games where it can be purchased, and items or services that restore both MP and Hit Points (HP), such as Tents and resting at inns, respectively.

Final Fantasy V[edit]

A party member's maximum MP is calculated by the character's Magic divided by 32 plus 1 times a number that increases by the character's level, or MP = (Mag.Pwr/32+1) * (MP Mult).[1]