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Ethers (エーテル Ēteru?) are a healing item which appear in several Final Fantasy games. They restore a fraction of a party member or target's MP or, in some games, a set number of MP. Ethers make their first appearance in Final Fantasy II. Throughout the games, Ethers have had several upgrades, the most common being both the Hi-Ether and Turbo Ether. Other upgrades include the Dry Ether, Mega-Ether, and the X-Ether.


Final Fantasy II[edit]

In Final Fantasy II, Ethers are common items that acquired through various means, including at several Item Shops, within certain Treasure Chests, or as item drops from certain enemies. Ethers can be bought for 1,000 gil apiece and sold for 500 gil. In the original Famicom release and the PlayStation version's Hard Mode, they are nearly twice as expensive, as they cost 2,500 gil each and can be sold for 1,250 gil.

Kingdom Hearts series[edit]

In the Kingdom Hearts series, Ethers also appear as recurring items, and retain their general use. Similar to some other common items, such as Potions, Ethers have an indirect relation to those from the Final Fantasy games, although one of its upgrades, the Hi-Ether, is from the Final Fantasy games. The second and more powerful upgrade is the Mega-Ether, which made its debut in the first Kingdom Hearts game before making its Final Fantasy franchise debut in Final Fantasy X-2.

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