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Hit Point

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Hit Points (abbreviated HP) is a stat that represents a character or an enemy's health. It is featured in nearly every game of the Final Fantasy franchise, ever since the first game. Whenever a character or enemy takes damage, whether in battle or on the world map, their HP drops to a certain number. When a character's HP falls down to 0, it means they are KO'd and can no longer fight. If every party member loses all of their HP, the result is a Game Over.

HP can usually be restored with recovery items, namely Potions or Hi-Potions, or by using Cure and its upgrades, each restoring more HP than Cure itself — generally, Cura restores a lot of HP while Curaga (or Curaja in some games) restore all HP. Resting at an inn or using an Elixir fully restores a character's stats, which includes their HP.

Game appearances[edit]

Final Fantasy series[edit]

Final Fantasy[edit]

In Final Fantasy, a character's HP increases upon leveling up by a number of points equal to a quarter of their Stamina, with additional stronger HP increases on certain levels depending on a character's class.

The maximum HP cap is 999. In earlier releases, it is unlikely for most classes to attain this value, with the exception of Monks and Masters, who are guaranteed to reach 999 HP by level 50, and Warriors and Knights, who often reach it depending on random Stamina increases.

In the PlayStation remake's Easy Mode and all later versions, the maximum level is increased to 99, and reaching the HP cap becomes more feasible for other classes. In Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls and later releases featuring the Soul of Chaos dungeons, it's possible to reach the cap for any class without relying on luck due to the addition of Golden and Silver Apples, which permanently raise a character's maximum HP.

(On the following tables, elements available in all versions of the game are listed in bold. Items introduced in Dawn of Souls that aren't included in the Pixel Remaster release are listed in italics.)

Restore HP
Items Potion · Hi-Potion · X-Potion · Elixir · Megalixir · Sleeping Bag · Tent · Cottage
Magic Cure · Cura · Curaga · Curaja · Heal · Healara · Healaga
Other Inns
Raise maximum HP
Items Giant's Tonic* · Golden Apple · Silver Apple
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