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Monk (Final Fantasy)

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Monk FFDoS artwork.png
Dawn of Souls artwork
Affiliation Warriors of Light

Monk is a member of the Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy. Monk is experienced in martial arts, and he can deal more damage to enemies if he is not equipped with a weapon. If the Warriors of Light complete the optional Citadel of Trials, Bahamut upgrades their class, and Monk is upgraded to Master. Monk's starting weapon is the Staff. In the Nintendo Entertainment System, he is known as Black Belt.

In the Nintendo Entertainment System and MSX2 releases, Monk is wearing blue clothes. Starting with the WonderSwan Color version, Monk's appearance was changed significantly; his hair was changed to brown and spiked, he wears a red karate belt, a red headband on his head, and a red wristband on each arm. His clothes were made purple, his shirt is sleeveless, and he is barefoot. Starting with the PlayStation Portable version, Monk was given purple shoes, his headband and both wristbands were changed to blue, and he wears purple armor rather than a traditional karate outfit.

In Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales, Monk is one of the job classes that cameos in the microgame Job Juggler. Like the other characters, his sprite is taken from the NES version of Final Fantasy.


Starting with the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls release, Monk has ten auto-names, most of which reference a character from another Final Fantasy game:


Starting with the PlayStation remake, Monk is equipped with a Staff as his weapon and Clothes for armor.

Equipment usable by Monk
Weapons Crosier | Iron Nunchaku | Masamune | Nunchaku | Power Staff | Staff
Armor Bard's Tunic | Clothes | Kenpogi | Leather Armor | Power Vest
Equipment Copper Armlet | Diamond Armlet | Protect Ring | Ruby Armlet | Silver Armlet
Shields None
Helmets Leather Cap | Ribbon | Twist Headband
Gloves Leather Gloves


Battle sprites[edit]

World map sprites[edit]