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Artwork used for the NES release of Final Fantasy, as seen in a Nintendo Power issue

Canoes are small wooden boats used to travel across shallow bodies of water, namely rivers and lakes. A Canoe first appears in Final Fantasy, and mainly appears in the early titles of the main Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy[edit]

Canoe FF PSP sprite.png
PSP sprite

In Final Fantasy, the Warriors of Light obtain the Canoe from one of the Twelve Sages in Crescent Lake after they defeat Lich. The Canoe only has one major purpose, which is to travel across the lake leading to Mount Gulg. While traveling on the Canoe, the Warriors of Light encounter some unique enemies including Crocodiles, Hydras, Neochus, Ochus, Piranhas, Red Piranhas, and White Crocs.

In the WonderSwan Color, PlayStation, and Game Boy Advance releases, a blue oar is depicted in the sprites for a Canoe.

Final Fantasy II[edit]

Canoe FF2 PSP sprite.png
PSP sprite

In Final Fantasy II, Minwu has a Canoe that he gives to the party after Princess Hilda instructs them to journey to Salamand. With the Canoe, the party is able to cross a large lake east of Altair. Unlike Final Fantasy, the party does not encounter any enemies while riding the Canoe.

Prior to the PlayStation Portable release, each version of Final Fantasy II reused the Canoe sprites from the corresponding release of Final Fantasy for the same platform.

Final Fantasy III[edit]

The king of Castle Sasune has possession of a magical folding canoe that he will grant the party in order to reach the Sealed Cave. It can further be used to traverse other rivers and lakes in both worlds, permitting access to Goldor Manor and Lake Dohr.


Final Fantasy[edit]

  • Nintendo Power volume 17 (page 38): "The only way to reach the interior of this region is by Canoe. Once Lukahn gives it to you, simply walk to the river and the Canoe will be launched."


Final Fantasy[edit]