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Crystal Eye

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Nintendo Power artwork

The Crystal Eye (Japanese: すいしょうのめ), originally known as the CRYSTAL and also known as The Crystal[1], is a key item that appears in Final Fantasy. The Crystal Eye belongs to the blind witch Matoya, who uses it to have the ability to see. During the game's events, Astos stole the Crystal Eye from Matoya, and the Warriors of Light can obtain it by defeating Astos. When the Warriors of Light return the Crystal Eye to Matoya, she rewards them with the Jolt Tonic. The item has been named Crystal Eye since the release of Final Fantasy Origins.

In the Captain N: The Game Master series finale, "The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N", the Crystal Eye is referred to as the light crystal, or generically as a crystal. In the episode, Astos has the light crystal that he stole from a witch, who is based on Matoya, several years ago. The characters go on a journey to retrieve the light crystal.

The Crystal Eye (or at least its original Nintendo Entertainment System counterpart) is a blue crystal that rests on a small, red pillow. The light crystal in Captain N: The Game Master has a very similar appearance, but the only difference is that it is pink instead of blue.


Final Fantasy (NES)[edit]

  • Nintendo Power volume 17 (page 22): "The Crystal once belonged to Matoya and helped her vision. Return it to her and you'll receive the Herb to wake the prince."


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