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Warriors of Light

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The Warriors of Light are a party of four members that appear in some Final Fantasy games, starting with the first Final Fantasy. In the first game, the player can select four of six characters. The party members are different in nearly every game that features the group. In the original Nintendo Entertainment System release of Final Fantasy, they were known as the Light Warriors.


The beginning stats and a general description of each Warrior of Light is listed below.

Sprite (NES) Name HP Strength Agility Intelligence Vitality Luck Description
Black Mage FF NES sprite.png Black Mage 25 1 10 20 1 20 This character can cast offensive spells. Its upgraded class is Black Wizard.
Monk FF NES sprite.png Monk 33 5 5 5 20 10 This character is skilled at fighting armorless and without a weapon. Its upgraded class is Master.
Red Mage FF NES sprite.png Red Mage 30 5 5 15 10 20 Of the three mages, the Red Mage is the strongest at physical attacks. It can use a mixture of White and Black Magic. Its upgraded class is Red Wizard.
Thief FF NES sprite.png Thief 30 5 10 5 5 15 A fast and agile character who can be upgraded into Ninja, who can use low-level Black Magic spells.
White Mage FF NES sprite.png White Mage 28 5 5 15 10 20 This character can cast defensive and curative spells. Its upgraded class is White Wizard.
Warrior FF NES sprite.png Warrior 35 20 5 1 10 5 This character uses heavy weapons and armor, and can be upgraded into a Knight, who can also use low-level White Magic spells.
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