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Matoya FF PSP sprite.png
PlayStation Portable sprite
Gender Female
Species Witch
Affiliation Warriors of Light

Matoya is an old witch who makes her first and main appearance in Final Fantasy. She is specialized in creating potions. Matoya has gray hair and wears a red robe and witch hat (the latter being purple in the Nintendo Entertainment System and MSX versions). Matoya is blind and relies on the Crystal Eye to see. Matoya lives in a cave with a few living brooms.

In Final Fantasy, Astos stole the Crystal Eye from Matoya. The Warriors of Light must defeat Astos to obtain the Crystal Eye and return it to Matoya, who in turn makes the Jolt Tonic and gives it to the warriors to awaken the Elf Prince.

Starting with the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls remake, there is another spell made by Matoya, the Witch's Brew, which can relieve any illness. She gave it to a dwarf in Whisperwind Cove long ago.



  • In Captain N: The Game Master's series finale, "The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N", there is a green witch who is based on Matoya. Astos stole the Light Crystal from her years ago, and a main part of the episode involves the characters trying to retrieve it. Like Matoya, the witch also has a talking broom.