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Earth Rod

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Nintendo Power artwork

The Earth Rod is a key item in Final Fantasy. It is a rod described as being imbued with the power of earth and nature. In the original Nintendo Entertainment System version, it is named ROD, also formatted Rod.[1] As seen from its Nintendo Power artwork, the Earth Rod has its top part shaped like a snake with spikes on its back, a red grip, and a smooth, wooden peg on the bottom.

To obtain the Earth Rod, the Warriors of Light must first defeat the Vampire in the Cavern of Earth. After doing so, they must go into the Sage's Cave and talk to Sadda, who gives them the Earth Rod as a reward. With it, the warriors can move the Stone Plate on floor B3 of the Cavern of Earth, allowing them to continue to floor B4 then B5, which is where they battle Lich.


  • Nintendo Power volume 17 (page 33): "The Rod gives you the strength of a dozen men, enough to lift the heavy Stone Plate."


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