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Rat Tail

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The Rat Tail (Japanese: ねずみのしっぽ), also known as a Rat's Tail, is an item that appears in some Final Fantasy games. It first appears in first game, Final Fantasy. As its name directly states, the Rat Tail is the severed tail of a rat. Despite this, it is a valuable item in the games that it appears in.


Final Fantasy artwork from the Nintendo Power guide

Final Fantasy[edit]

In Final Fantasy, it is named the Rat's Tail, or TAIL in the original Nintendo Entertainment System version. In their adventure, the Warriors of Light find a treasure chest on the third floor of the Citadel of Trials, next to the throne. Before the warriors can open the chest, which contains the Rat's Tail, they must fight some Dragon Zombies. Once they have acquired the Rat's Tail, the Warriors of Light must go to the Dragon Caves and give it to Bahamut. As a token of courage, Bahamut upgrades each character's class.


  • Nintendo Power volume 17 (page 51): "Obtaining the Rat's Tail and giving it to Bahamut is a token of the courage of the Light Warriors. Once it is done, they will be transformed."
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