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Princess Sarah

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Princess Sarah
Princess Sarah by Yoshitaka Amano.jpg
Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
Birthplace Cornelia
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Princess of Cornelia (Final Fantasy)
English voice actor Brooke Lyons (World of Final Fantasy)
Cherami Leigh (Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin)
Japanese voice actor Harumi Ichiryusai (World of Final Fantasy)
Yume Miyamoto (Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin)

Princess Sarah (named Sara in the Nintendo Entertainment System version) is a minor character in Final Fantasy. She is the royal princess of Cornelia and the daughter of the King of Cornelia. Sarah frequently appears as a representative of the first Final Fantasy in crossover titles.

Her name and rank is derived from the Hebrew name Sarah (שָׂרָה‎), meaning "princess". She begins the trend of multiple princesses throughout the Final Fantasy series being named Sarah or variants thereof.


Final Fantasy[edit]

In Final Fantasy, when the Warriors of Light visit Castle Cornelia, they learn from the King that Sarah has been kidnapped by Garland. The Warriors of Light find Garland holding Sarah captive in the Chaos Shrine, where they defeat Garland in battle. Back at Castle Cornelia, Sarah rewards the warriors with her Lute for rescuing her and wishes them safe travels.

General information[edit]

Physical appearance[edit]

In Yoshitaka Amano's artwork of Sarah, she wears a long, flowing golden halter-neck dress accented with petal-like patterns. She wears golden sleeves on her arms, separate from the main dress, and a golden veil over her hair. Her appearances in spin-offs such as Dimensions II and World of Final Fantasy are based on Amano's artwork, with Sarah also having long pink hair tied in two buns to the sides of her head.

In the Nintendo Entertainment System version of Final Fantasy, Sarah has long blonde hair and wears a red dress. Due to palette limitations, Sarah's dress appears purple when she is found in the Chaos Shrine. These limitations do not exist in the MSX2 version, where she wears a red dress in both locations.

Starting from the WonderSwan Color version, remakes of Final Fantasy depict Sarah with long mint-green hair, wearing a long-sleeved white dress and a tiara with a red gem encrusted at the front. Her design in the Pixel Remaster version of Final Fantasy is largely based on this design, but uses the pink hair color from Amano's art.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese セーラ姫
Princess Sarah
Spanish Princesa Sara Princess Sara
French Princesse Sarah Princess Sarah
German Prinzessin Sela Princess Sela
Italian Principessa Sarah Princess Sarah
Portuguese Princesa Sarah Princess Sarah
Russian Принцесса Сара
Printsessa Sara
Princess Sarah
Korean 세라 공주
Sera Gongju
Princess Sarah
Chinese 莎拉公主 / 塞拉公主
Shālā Gōngzhǔ / Sèlā Gōngzhǔ
Princess Sarah
Thai เจ้าหญิงซาร่าห์
Jao Ying Saaraa
Princess Sarah
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