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White Mage (Final Fantasy)

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White Mage
White Mage FFDoS artwork.png
Dawn of Souls artwork
Affiliation Warriors of Light

The White Mage is one of the Warriors of Light members in Final Fantasy and the group's only female member. As the game's White Mage representative, she is experienced in White Magic, giving her a variety of healing abilities to use on herself or her teammates. White Mage can also learn a few White Magic spells that deal a lot of damage to undead foes. White Mage's physical attacks do little damage, and she cannot use much equipment. Bahamut can optionally upgrade the Warriors of Light's class if they complete the Citadel of Trials, and in White Mage's case, she is upgraded to White Wizard.

White Mage has blonde hair, and she wears a white cloak, which has red, triangular patterns on both sleeves, the bottom, and on the hood of her cloak. White Mage's Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls artwork depicts her with brown hair and holding a scepter.


Starting with the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls release, White Mage has ten auto-names, and each of them reference a character from another Final Fantasy game:


Equipment usable by White Mage
Weapons Hammer | Healing Staff | Masamune | Mythril Hammer |Power Staff | Sage's Staff | Staff
Armor Bard's Tunic | Clothes | Light Robe | Sage's Surplice
Equipment Angel's Ring | Copper Armlet | Diamond Armlet | Protect Ring | Ruby Armlet | Silver Armlet
Shields Elven Cloak | Protect Cloak | Zephyr Cape
Helmets Leather Cap | Ribbon | Sage's Miter | Wizard's Hat
Gloves Leather Gloves

White Magic[edit]

White Magic usable by White Mage
Blindna | Blink | Cure | Cura | Curaga | Dia | Diara | Diaga | Diaja | Dispel | Exit | Fear | Full-Life| Heal | Healara | Healaga | Holy | Invis | Invisira | Life | NulAll | NulBlaze | NulDeath | NulFrost | NulShock | Poisona | Protect | Protera | Silence | Stona | Vox


Battle sprites[edit]

Map sprites[edit]