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Faerie's Bottle

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Nintendo Power artwork

The Faerie's Bottle is a key item in Final Fantasy. In earlier remakes, it is named Bottled Faerie, and in the Nintendo Entertainment System release, its in-game name is BOTTLE, also formatted Bottle in the Nintendo Power guide. The item is literally a faerie contained within a bottle.

A Pirate gave the Faerie's Bottle to Underhill, the Caravan owner. The Warriors of Light can buy it from the Caravan for 40,000 gil (50,000 in the Nintendo Entertainment System version and Final Fantasy Origins' Hard Mode). With the Faerie's Bottle, the warriors must go to Gaia and release the faerie at the spring. Once released, the faerie rewards the warriors with Oxyale, allowing them to continue to the Sunken Shrine.


  • Nintendo Power volume 17 (page 59): "If the Fairy in the Bottle is released at the Fairy's Spring in Gaia, you will receive Oxyale for use in the Submarine."