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Pirate FF PSP sprite.png
PlayStation Portable sprite
First appearance Final Fantasy (1987)
Species Pirate
Related characters and species

Pirates are enemies that appear in some Final Fantasy games, starting with the first game, Final Fantasy. As with usual pirates, they carry a long sword with them.

Game appearances[edit]

Final Fantasy[edit]

In Final Fantasy, the Pirates are grunt members of "Bikke's Bikkeneers", which are a pirate crew led by Bikke. Pirates are only encountered within Pravoka, during an attack led by Bikke, and are also the only enemies that are encountered in a town. When the warriors confront Bikke, he sends out nine Pirates to fight them. When the Warriors of Light manage to defeat every Pirate, they receive a Leather Shield, and Bikke surrenders and gives his Ship to them.

In the Nintendo Entertainment System release, their name is formatted as PIRATE. In original releases, Pirates wore light green clothing and a face bandana of the same color. In the MSX2 release, their face bandana was changed to purple. Like most enemies, Pirates were redesigned for the WonderSwan Color release, in which their face bandana was removed, they have darker skin, dark green clothes, and wear a red helmet. The Game Boy Advance version reverts to their original light green look, although this was reverted again in the PlayStation Portable release, in which Pirates' helmets were also changed to purple.


# Enemy name
HP 24 (Easy Mode)
6 (Normal Mode)
Attack 10 (Easy Mode)
8 (Normal Mode)
Accuracy 2 Defense 0
Agility 6 (Easy Mode)
12 (Normal Mode)
Intelligence 3 Evasion 12 Magic Defense 35 (Easy Mode)
15 (Normal Mode)
Spells N/A Weakness N/A Resistance N/A Type N/A
Gil 40 EXP 40 Treasure Leather Shield

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