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Sanctuaries are sacred locations that appear in both Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II. Their purpose is to revive KO'd party members. Sanctuaries do not appear in later games, likely because of Phoenix Downs, which are items that revive KO'd party members, and Inns becoming capable of reviving party members themselves.

Game appearances[edit]

Final Fantasy[edit]

The Light Warriors visit a "CLINIC" in Final Fantasy's original Nintendo Entertainment System release.

In Final Fantasy, there is a Sanctuary in nearly every town, except Melmond and Lufenia. When the Warriors of Light pay a small fee to the Sanctuary priest, he summons two angels to revive the fallen members, each having 1 HP after being revived. The service fee is different for every Sanctuary, and ones in later towns are more expensive.

Town Cost (in gil)
Cornelia 40 gil
Pravoka 80 gil
Elfheim 200 gil
Crescent Lake 400 gil
Gaia 750 gil

In the original Nintendo Entertainment System release, Sanctuaries are instead clinics, formatted in game as CLINIC. This was changed from the Famicom version, in which they are churches, because of Nintendo of America's censorship policies at the time. In the English prototype, they are named CHURCH.

Final Fantasy II[edit]

In Final Fantasy II, every Sanctuary instead has a goddess statue, which can heal defeated party members for free. There are seven towns with a Sanctuary: