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Mermaid FF PSP sprite.png
PlayStation Portable sprite

Main game appearance(s) Final Fantasy
Home Sunken Shrine
Members and related species

Mermaids are an underwater species found in the Sunken Shrine in Final Fantasy. They are the same race as mermaids in folklore, because they are an aquatic creature with the upper body of a female human and their bottom part consists of a fish's tail. The mermaids in Final Fantasy are blonde, and they have a pink tail with a light blue tail fin. They also have bright, blue eyes.

During the game, the residents of Onrac ask the Warriors of Light to save the Mermaids, who are kept as hostages by Kraken. The Mermaids are located on the fourth floor of Sunken Shrine. They explain to the Warriors of Light that the Kraken is draining the Water Crystal, which serves as their life source. Without it, the Mermaids will become sea foam and die. The Warriors of Light manage to defeat the Kraken and free the Mermaids.

Mermaids are topless in the Nintendo Entertainment System version, even in the North American release.