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This article is about the Black Magic spell. For the element of the same name, see Fire (element).
Vivi using Fire in Final Fantasy IX

Fire (ファイア Faia?) is one of the most basic and earliest usable Black Magic spells. The move appears in nearly every Final Fantasy game, especially as a trademark move of Black Mages, and first appears in the first Final Fantasy game.

As its name would suggest, Fire involves its user inflicting a small wave of fire on their opponent, dealing fire-elemental damage. The move has three stronger variations, from weakest to strongest: Fira, Firaga, and Firaja. Each variant inflicts larger bursts of fire, and therefore more damage, on the target than its weaker counterparts.

Game appearances[edit]

Final Fantasy[edit]

In Final Fantasy, Fire can be learned from the Level 1 Black Magic Shop in Cornelia. Fire uses 5 MP for each use. In the original Nintendo Entertainment System version, Fire costs 100 gold, but starting with the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls remake, its price was reduced to 50 gil. Three enemies can use Fire: Horned Devils, Rakshasas, and Spirit Nagas, the latter being the only enemy who cannot use Fira as well.

Fira was originally named FIRE in the Nintendo Entertainment System release and Fire1 in Final Fantasy Origins.

Usable by
Warriors of Light Black Mage - Black Wizard - Ninja - Red Mage - Red Wizard
Enemies Horned Devils - Rakshasas - Spirit Nagas
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