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Castle Cornelia

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Castle Cornelia
Castle Cornelia FFI GBA.png
The Warriors of Light standing in front of the King of Coneria in the Dawn of Souls remake.
Kōneria jō
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy
Type Castle
Greater location Cornelia
Inhabitants King of Coneria, Jayne, Princess Sarah
Unique item(s) Cottage, Iron Armor, Mythril Knife, Nitro Powder, Saber, Tent

Castle Cornelia, known as Coneria Castle in the original version, is a location in Final Fantasy. It is a castle directly north of Cornelia. Castle Cornelia is home to its royal family, including the King of Coneria, his wife Jayne, and his two daughters, one of whom is Princess Sarah. There are two floors to Castle Cornelia—the bottom floor, which has two bedrooms and two locked treasure rooms, each with three treasure chests. There are stairs that lead to the upper floor, which has a hallway that leads into the king's throne room. Starting with the WonderSwan Color remake, the Chancellor is shown to be standing beside the king in the throne room.

Castle Cornelia is where the Warriors of Light go to meet the King of Coneria, who begs them to rescue Sarah from Garland in the Temple of Fiends. After Sarah is rescued, the Warriors of Light can go to Castle Cornelia and speak to her to obtain the lute.


Every item in Castle Cornelia is located within the treasure rooms. Both can only be unlocked if the Warriors of Light have the Mystic Key.

Left treasure room
Right treasure room



  • The NES version has a well known glitch that causes a specific NPC within Coneria Castle to always be invisible.