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The Tent (テント tento?) is an item that appears in some Final Fantasy games, starting with the first Final Fantasy. Characters can use a tent on the world map or at save points to rest, which restores either some or all of their HP and MP, depending on the game. After a single use, the tent is discarded. Some of the earlier titles feature Cottages as a more effective counterpart to tents.


Final Fantasy series[edit]

Final Fantasy[edit]

Tent FF PSP sprite.png

In Final Fantasy, the Warriors of Light can use a Tent on the world map or at save points to restore a lot of their HP and MP. In early releases, a Tent can also be used to save the game progress.

At Item Shops, Tents cost 160 gil and can be sold for 80 gil. In the Nintendo Entertainment System release and the PlayStation version's Hard Mode, Tents instead cost 250 gil and can be sold for 125 gil.

In the North American version of the original NES release, the Sleeping Bag is known as the "Tent", while the actual Tent is called the "Cabin" (with the Cottage being called the "House"). This was rectified in later versions, where their names were changed to match their Japanese names.

Ways to obtain a Tent
Item Shops: Elfheim, Melmond, Crescent Lake
Treasure chests: Castle Cornelia (1F), Chaos Shrine (present), Mount Duergar, Cavern of Earth (B2, B4), Mount Gulg (B2), Dragon Caves, Mirage Tower (1F)
Enemies: Hill Gigas, Manticore

Kingdom Hearts series[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Wiki article: Tent

In the Kingdom Hearts series, Tents are featured as an item in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts III.

In Kingdom Hearts, Tents fully restore the HP of every party member. Cottages also make an appearance, and they have a very similar use by also restoring the MP of every party member.

In Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III, Tents fully restore both the HP and MP of every party member, just as Cottages do in Kingdom Hearts. Because of this, Cottages do not return in either game.


Final Fantasy (NES)[edit]

  • Instruction booklet (page 15): "A CABIN that works similarly to the TENT. It SAVEs your game data and recovers more hit points than the TENT."
  • Nintendo Power volume 17 (page 14): "Use a Cabin in the wilds to save your progress and recover much lost HP for all your Light Warriors."

Final Fantasy Origins[edit]

  • Bradygames Official Strategy Guide (page 19): "Restores a lot of HP to party and also saves game. Can be used while on the field."

Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls[edit]

  • In-game description: "Partially restores party's HP and MP. Can only be used outdoors."




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