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Sleeping Bag

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Sleeping Bags are a recovery item that first appear in Final Fantasy and later in Final Fantasy VI.


Final Fantasy[edit]

Sleeping Bag FF PSP sprite.png

In Final Fantasy, Sleeping Bags can only be used on the world map. Their use is similar to Tents and Cottages, although Sleeping Bags only partially restore each warrior's HP and MP. In remakes, whenever the warriors use a Sleeping Bag, a short sequence is shown in which the Sleeping Bag is displayed on the world map, and the screen fades to black and then into the next day. Each Sleeping Bag can only be used once.

Sleeping Bags can be bought at Cornelia's Item Shop for 50 gil (75 gil in NES/PSX Hard Mode) and sold for 25 gil (37 gil in NES/PSX Hard Mode). There are two treasure chests with a Sleeping Bag; one is found on floor B3 of Cavern of Earth and the other is on floor B1 of Cavern of Ice. A Sleeping Bag can also be obtained by defeating a Weretiger.

In the original Nintendo Entertainment System version, the Sleeping Bag was mistranslated as Tent. This was eventually rectified in remakes, starting with Final Fantasy Origins, where its name was changed to match its Japanese name.

Final Fantasy VI[edit]

In Final Fantasy VI, Sleeping Bags have a different function: using one fully restores the HP and MP of one party member, and it also cures their status effect if they have any. Besides the world map, Sleeping Bags can only be used at Save Points. Unlike the Final Fantasy remakes, a short sequence does not play whenever a Sleeping Bag is used. Sleeping Bags are sold at much more Item Shops than in Final Fantasy, and are priced at 500 gil each.

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Final Fantasy (NES)[edit]

  • Instruction booklet (page 15): "A magic TENT that you can keep in your pocket. It can be used to SAVE your game and to recover some valuable hit points (HP)."
  • Nintendo Power volume 17 (page 10): "Save your progress in the game while away from an Inn by using the Tent."

Final Fantasy Origins[edit]

  • Bradygames Official Strategy Guide (page 19): "Restores a little HP to party and also saves game. Can be used while on the field."