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Mount Duergar

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Not to be confused with Dwarf Cave, a location in Final Fantasy Adventure.
Mount Duergar
Mount Duergar FFOrigins.jpg
Warrior in Mount Duergar in the PlayStation version
Dowāfu no dōbutsu
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy
Type Cavern
Greater location Aldean Sea
Inhabitants Dwarves
Unique item(s) Gil
Various (requires Mystic Key)

Mount Duergar is a subterranean area located west of Cornelia in Final Fantasy. It is a cave mining area and a home to the dwarves, several of whom give advice to the Warriors of Light. Early in the game, Mount Duergar can only be accessed by ship, although they can later reach it when they obtain the airship. In the Nintendo Entertainment System release, the location is named the Cave of Dwarf (also called the Dwarf Cave in side materials[1][2]), and in the PlayStation version, its name is formatted as Mt. Duergar.

At first, the Warriors of Light cannot do much in Mount Duergar except enter a small, northeastern small room with two treasure chests, each containing gil. If the warriors have the Mystic Key, they can enter a larger room to the south with eight more treasure chests. When the Warriors of Light obtain Nitro Powder, they must return to Mount Duergar and give it to Nerrick, who uses it to blow up a land bridge and create a canal between the Aldean Sea and the greater ocean. Doing this is necessary to access Melmond.

Late into their adventure, when the Warriors of Light obtain the Adamantite, they can return to Smyth, who is located in the northwest room. Smyth uses the Adamantite to craft the powerful sword, Excalibur.


Northeastern room
  • 450 gil (top chest)
  • 575 gil (bottom chest)
Southern room

Items are listed from left to right.


  • "Duergar" appears to derive from the Proto-Germanic word for "dwarf", *dwergaz.


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