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Thief (Final Fantasy)

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Thief FFDoS artwork.png
Dawn of Souls artwork
Affiliation Warriors of Light

Thief is one of the six members of the Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy. He is the fastest of the characters, and is usually the first to attack an enemy or flee from battle. He can be equipped with weapons and If the Warriors of Light complete the optional Citadel of Trials, Bahamut upgrades their class, and Thief is upgraded to Ninja.

In the Nintendo Entertainment System and MSX2 versions, Thief has blue hair. In the former version, Thief's clothes are brown (or orange from the world map). Starting with the WonderSwan Color release, Thief wears a green, sleeveless tunic and a green bandana on his head. His hair was changed to yellow, and a tuft of his hair sticks out of the front. In the MSX2 version, Thief is wearing a pink suit and shoes. In the WonderSwan Color version, thief's pink shoes were made smaller. He was also given a pink shirt, as shown by the sleeves. In the PlayStation Portable version, Thief's shoes were changed to orange.

In Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales, Thief is one of the job classes that cameos in the microgame Job Juggler. Like the other characters, his sprite is taken from the NES version of Final Fantasy.


Starting with the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls release, Thief has ten auto-names, all of which reference a name or alias from another Final Fantasy game:


Equipment usable by Thief
Weapons Assassin Dagger | Asura | Coral Sword | Dagger | Duel Rapier | Falchion | Gladius | Kikuichimonji | Knife | Kotetsu | Mage Masher | Masamune | Mythril Knife | Orichalcum | Rapier | Rune Blade | Saber | Scimitar | Wyrmkiller
Armor Bard's Tunic | Black Garb | Clothes | Leather Armor | Red Jacket
Equipment Copper Armlet | Diamond Armlet | Protect Ring | Ruby Armlet | Silver Armlet | Thief's Armlet
Shields Buckler | Elven Cloak | Protect Cloak | Zephyr Cape
Helmets Black Cowl | Feathered Cap | Leather Cap | Genji Helm | Ribbon | Twist Headband
Gloves Leather Gloves | Thief's Gloves


Battle sprites[edit]

World map sprites[edit]