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Nitro Powder

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Artwork of TNT for the original NES version
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Nitro Powder (ニトロのかやく nitoro no kayaku?, "nitro gunpowder") is an explosive and a key item which appears in Final Fantasy. It is an explosive that the Warriors of Light can obtain from the treasure room in Castle Cornelia if they have the Mystic Key. According to some NPCs in the area, the Nitro Powder was locked in the treasure room for 400 years. After obtaining the Nitro Powder, the heroes must go to Mount Duergar and give the Nitro Powder to Nerrick, who uses it to detonate a bridge; this creates a canal that the Warriors of Light can pass through to progress in their adventure and reach the town of Melmond.

In the original NES version, the item is named TNT (also formatted as T.N.T.[1]). Its Nintendo Power artwork depicts it as a three yellow dynamite sticks with a black label wrapped around it, reading "TNT" and showing a skull and crossbones danger symbol. The TNT's successor, Nitro Powder, is never seen in artwork for the remakes. Judging from its name, the Nitro Powder is likely a different object from the TNT while still retaining its core purpose.


  • Nintendo Power volume 17 (page 9): "This volatile explosive has been kept in the Treasure Vault for 400 years. It is used in Chapter 2 when you visit the Dwarves."
  • Final Fantasy Origins BradyGames Strategy Guide (page 18): "Powder packed with explosive power."


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