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Warrior (Final Fantasy)

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Warrior FFDoS artwork.png
Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls artwork
Affiliation Warriors of Light

The Warrior is a member of the Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy. He is versatile and can use most weapons and armor, allowing for well-rounded physical combat. The Warrior also has high strength, stamina, and HP. If the Warrior is not equipped, his attack and defense are low. In the original Nintendo Entertainment System version, he is named Fighter. If the Warriors of Light complete the Citadel of Trials, Bahamut upgrades the Warrior to Knight.

The Warrior wears a red armor and has spiked hair. In the original Nintendo Entertainment System and MSX2 releases, he has red hair, but starting with the WonderSwan Color version, the Warrior has blonde hair. His Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls artwork depicts him with brown hair. In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, one of the Warrior's outfits is modeled after his appearance in the original Nintendo Entertainment System version of Final Fantasy.

In Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales, Warrior is one of the job classes that cameos in the microgame Job Juggler. Like the other characters, his sprite is taken from the NES version of Final Fantasy.


Starting with Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls, each warrior has ten auto-names, which reference a character or location from another Final Fantasy game.


Equipment usable by Warrior
Weapons Assassin Dagger · Asura · Battle Axe · Braveheart · Broadsword · Coral Sword · Crosier · Dagger · Dark Claymore · Duel Rapier · Enhancer · Falchion · Flame Sword · Gigantaxe · Gladius · Great Axe · Great Sword · Hammer · Ice Brand · Kikuichimonji · Knife · Kotetsu · Light Axe · Longsword · Mage Masher · Masamune · Mythril Axe · Mythril Hammer · Mythril Knife · Mythril Sword · Ogrekiller · Orichalcum · Power Staff · Rapier · Rune Axe · Rune Blade · Saber · Scimitar · Staff · Sun Blade · Viking Axe · Werebuster · Wyrmkiller
Armor Bard's Tunic · Chain Mail · Clothes · Flame Mail · Genji Armor · Ice Armor · Iron Armor · Knight's Armor · Leather Armor · Mythril Mail
Equipment Copper Armlet · Diamond Armlet · Protect Ring · Ruby Armlet · Silver Armlet
Shields Buckler · Genji Shield · Elven Cloak · Flame Shield · Ice Shield · Iron Shield · Leather Shield · Mythril Shield · Protect Cloak · Zephyr Cape
Helmets Feathered Cap · Genji Helm · Great Helm · Helm · Leather Cap · Mythril Helm · Ribbon
Gloves Bronze Gloves · Genji Gloves · Giant's Gloves · Leather Gloves · Mythril Gloves · Steel Gloves


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