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Black Mage (Final Fantasy)

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This article is about the Black Mage character from Final Fantasy. The following are links to specific Black Mages from another game. See Black Mage for information on the class in general.
Black Mage FF NES sprite.png
Black Mage (Final Fantasy)
Black Mage
Black Mage FFDoS artwork.png
Dawn of Souls artwork
Affiliation Warriors of Light

The Black Mage is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy and a member of the Warriors of Light. The character is unnamed and shares a name with its job class, Black Mage. Later in the game, if the Warriors of Light complete an optional quest from Bahamut, their class is upgraded, and the Black Mage is upgraded to Black Wizard. The Black Mage is lacking in physical attacks but is capable of using most Black Magic spells.

In Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales, Black Mage is one of the job classes that cameos in the microgame Job Juggler. Like the other characters, his sprite is taken from the NES version of Final Fantasy.


Starting with the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls release, Black Mage has ten auto-names, and each of them reference a character from another Final Fantasy game.


Equipment usable by Black Mage
Weapons Dagger | Gladius | Knife | Mage Masher | Mage's Staff | Masamune | Mythril Knife | Power Staff | Sage's Staff | Staff
Armor Bard's Tunic | Clothes | Gaia Gear | Sage's Surplice
Equipment Angel's Ring | Copper Armlet | Diamond Armlet | Protect Ring | Ruby Armlet | Silver Armlet
Shields Elven Cloak | Protect Cloak | Zephyr Cape
Helmets Leather Cap | Ribbon | Sage's Mitre | Wizard's Hat
Gloves Leather Gloves


The Black Mage can cast offensive Black Magic spells and inflict status ailments on enemies. These spells are bought from Black Magic Shops located in towns. The Black Mage cannot learn any spells from leveling up, although there are certain spells that he can only learn upon reaching a certain level.

Name Level MP Accuracy Price Location Effect
Fire 1 5 24 100 Cornelia Deals fire damage to one enemy
Thunder 1 5 24 100 Cornelia Deals electric damage to one enemy
Focus 1 3 64 100 Cornelia Lowers a enemy's evasion by 10
Sleep 1 3 24 100 Cornelia Puts all enemys to sleep
Dark 2 5 24 400 Pravoka Reduces all enemies' accuracy by 40
Blizzard 2 8 24 400 Pravoka Deals ice damage to one enemy
Slow 2 5 64 400 Pravoka Reduces all enemies' number of attacks
Temper 2 8 N/A 400 Pravoka Raises a selected ally's attack by +14
Fira 3 15 24 1,500 Elfheim Deals fire damage to all enemies
Hold 3 10 64 1,500 Elfheim Paralyzes an enemy
Thundara 3 15 24 1,500 Elfheim Deals electric damage to all enemies
Focara 3 10 40 1,500 Elfheim Lowers all enemies' evasion by 10
Confuse 4 15 64 4,000 Elfheim Confuses all enemies
Haste 4 15 N/A 4,000 Elfheim Doubles attack rate of an ally
Blizzara 4 18 24 4,000 Elfheim Deals ice damage to all enemies
Sleepra 4 15 64 4,000 Elfheim Increases the chance of putting an enemy to sleep
Scourge 5 28 40 8,000 Melmond Attempts to defeat all enemies
Firaga 5 30 24 8,000 Melmond Deals the highest fire damage to all enemies
Slowra 5 18 64 8,000 Melmond Reduces the number of attacks for all enemies
Teleport 5 5 255 8,000 Melmond Returns the warriors to previous floor of a dungeon
Thundaga 6 35 40 20,000 Crescent Lake Deals the highest electric damage to all enemies
Quake 6 32 40 20,000 Crescent Lake Attempts to defeat all enemies.
Death 6 30 24 20,000 Crescent Lake Attempts to defeat one enemy
Stun 6 20 N/A 20,000 Crescent Lake Always paralyzes an enemy unless they are invulnerable to the attack
Blind 7 25 N/A 45,000 Onrac Always blinds an enemy unless they are invulnerable to the attack
Break 7 30 64 45,000 Onrac Petrifies an enemy, thus defeating it.
Blizzaga 7 40 24 45,000 Onrac Deals the highest ice damage to all enemies
Saber 7 25 N/A 45,000 Onrac Raises the caster's attack by +16 and accuracy by +10
Flare 8 50 107 60,000 Lufenia Deals heavy damage to all enemies
Stop 8 30 48 60,000 Gaia Paralyzes every enemy
Kill 8 40 N/A 60,000 Gaia Defeats an enemy with less than 300 HP
Warp 8 30 32 60,000 Gaia Defeats all enemies


Battle sprites[edit]

World map sprites[edit]