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Lulu FFX artwork portrait.jpg]
Final Fantasy X portrait artwork of Lulu by Tetsuya Nomura.

First appearance Final Fantasy X
Job class Black Mage
Gender Female
Weapon(s) Doll
Family Chappu (Former love)

Lulu is a Black Mage from Final Fantasy X and one of Yuna's guardians. She is generally dismissive and mocking towards Wakka and especially Tidus, but has a good friendship with Yuna.

General Information[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

Lulu wears black or blue lipstick, fingernails, and eyeshadow for makeup. She has a mole just under her left eye, which is covered by her black hair's "peekaboo" style. The rest of hair is braided into a top bun held in by sticks, which then comes down in braids until just below the waist.

She wears a long-sleeved black dress that reaches to the ground with an open front that is completely covered in belts from the bottom to just below the hip, revealing black thigh-highs trimmed with lace underneath. The dress' top is a large opening that near entirely exposes the breasts and is trimmed with fur, with a blacker corset and some belts on the upper part of her long sleeves over the dress. There are decorative elements at the end of the sleeves at the top of the open front, which resemble flowers and large clothes buttons.

She wears three different types of necklaces at once, and earrings and three piercings on each ear as jewelry, She also wears a silver-looking ring on left hand. As opposed to standard mages, Lulu instead uses dolls to cast spells.


Powers and Abilities[edit]

Battle commands[edit]

Black Magic[edit]
Main article: Black Magic

Lulu is a Black Mage, meaning she is able to cast elemental spells like Fire, status ailments like Poison, etc.






Before Final Fantasy X[edit]

Lulu was born in Besaid, alongside Wakka and Chappu, his brother.


Lulu became Chappu's lover, but he went to fight Sin and was vaporized, leaving her alone.


Other Appearances[edit]