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Mount Gulg

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Not to be confused with Mount Gulug, a similarly named location from Final Fantasy IX.
Mount Gulg
Mount Gulg PSP screenshot.png
Warrior exploring Mount Gulg in the PlayStation Portable version
Gurugu Kazan
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy
Type Cavern
Greater location World A
Unique item(s) Various

Mount Gulg, also formatted Mt. Gulg,[1][2][3] is a volcano and one of the dungeons featured in Final Fantasy. It is found on an island, at the end of a maze of rivers flowing north from Crescent Lake. At first, Mount Gulg can only be reached by canoe, but later, once they gain the airship, can land it on the island. The boss of Mount Gulg is the Fiend of Fire, Marilith. In the Nintendo Entertainment System release, the place is known as Gurgu Volcano.


In Final Fantasy, Mount Gulg starts as a dormant volcano, but after the Warriors of Light defeat Lich, Mount Gulg begins to erupt. As the warriors travel through Mount Gulg, they find Marilith at the end. She is found at the Altar of Fire, draining the power of the Fire Crystal, and thus causing the volcano to erupt and fires to occur around the world. Once the Warriors of Light defeat Marilith, the Fire Crystal's power is restored, and the volcano becomes dormant again.


Mount Gulg in the Nintendo Entertainment System version

Mount Gulg has five floors, numbered B1–B5. A lot of the floor is covered in lava, which damages the Warriors of Light if they walk on it. The lowest floor is B5, and it features the Altar of Fire, which is the resting place for the Fire Crystal, and a boss battle with Marilith.


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PSP sprite Name HP Gil Exp Floor(s)
Ankheg 222 300 1,194 B1, B2
Fire Elemental 276 800 1,620 B2, B3, B5
Fire Gigas 300 1,506 1,506 B4, B5
Fire Hydra 182 400 1,215 B2, B3, B4
Fire Lizard 296 1,200 2,472 B4, B5
Gray Ooze 76 70 255 B1, B2
Hellhound 192 600 1,192 B3, B4, B5
Hill Gigas 240 879 879 B2, B3
Horned Devil 94 387 387 B1, B2
Hyenadon 120 72 288 B1, B2, B3
Lava Worm 200 400 1,671 B2, B4, B5
Lizard 92 50 153 B2, B3
Minotaur 164 489 489 B1, B4, B5
Ogre Chief 132 300 282 B1–B5
Ogre Mage 144 723 723 B1–B5
Pyrolisk 44 500 423 B2, B3
Red Dragon 248 4,000 2,904 B4, B5
Scorpion 84 70 225 B1
Sphinx 228 1,160 1,160 B1



A total of four weapons are found in Mount Gulg.

Weapon Attack Accuracy Classes
Great Sword 21 20 Warrior, Knight, Ninja, Red Mage, Red Wizard
Ice Brand 29 25 Warrior, Knight, Ninja, Red Mage, Red Wizard
Mythril Axe 25 10 Warrior, Knight, Ninja
Staff 6 0 Warrior, Knight, Ninja, Red Wizard


A total of five armor are found in Mount Gulg.

Armor Defense Weight Classes
Flame Mail 34 10 Warrior, Knight, Ninja
Flame Shield 12 0 Warrior, Knight, Ninja
Mythril Gloves 6 3 Warrior, Knight, Ninja, Red Wizard
Mythril Helm 6 3 Warrior, Knight, Ninja
Mythril Shield 8 0 Warrior, Knight, Ninja


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