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Ogre Chief

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Ogre Chief
Ogre Chief FF PSP sprite.png
Final Fantasy PSP sprite
First appearance Final Fantasy
Species Ogre
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The Ogre Chief is a large, green Ogre that appears in Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II as a enemy. It is named Ogre Chieftain in the Final Fantasy Origins version of both games. In the first game, Ogre Chiefs hold a spiked wooden club, but not in Final Fantasy II. They are a slightly stronger than regular Ogres. They wear a single-strap, purple sleeveless shirt in Final Fantasy and the PSP, Android, and iOS versions of Final Fantasy II. In earlier releases of Final Fantasy II, the shirt is an orange-brown color.

Game appearances[edit]

Final Fantasy[edit]

In Final Fantasy, Ogre Chiefs are found in the Giant's Cave, the Cavern of Earth, around Elfheim on the surrounding world map, and in Mount Gulg. In the original Nintendo Entertainment System version, they are known as GrOGRE in-game, or Green Ogre[1].


# Enemy name
HP 132 Attack 23 Accuracy 33 Defense 14
Agility 15 Intelligence 6 Evasion 30 Magic Defense 71
Spells N/A Weakness N/A Resistance N/A Type N/A
Gil 300 EXP 282 Treasure N/A
Final Fantasy II stats
Rank HP MP Attack Accuracy Defense Evasion Magic Defense Gil
4 300 0 40 3–70 35 1–40 3–40 450–750
Treasure Weakness Resistance Absorbs
None None None None

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Final Fantasy[edit]


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