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Elf Prince

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Elf Prince
Elf Prince FF PSP sprite.png
PlayStation Portable sprite
Hometown Elfheim
Gender Male
Species Elf
Occupation Prince

The Elf Prince is the leader of the Elves in the kingdom of Elfheim in Final Fantasy. He lives in the Elven Castle. The Elf Prince has blonde hair and wears green clothes (except in the MSX2 release in which his clothes are purple). Starting with the WonderSwan Color remake, the Elf Prince also wears a blue cape.

Prior to the game's events, Astos cast a spell on the Elf Prince, causing him to fall into a deep slumber. During their adventure, the Warriors of Light defeat Astos at the Western Keep. In doing so, they are rewarded the Jolt Tonic. The warriors then return to the Elven Castle and give the Jolt Tonic to the Healer, who uses it to awaken the Elf Prince from his deep slumber. In an act of gratitude, the Elf Prince rewards the Warriors of Light with the Mystic Key, which enables them to unlock certain doors.