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Elven Castle

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Elven Castle
Elven Castle FF GBA.png
The warriors give the Jolt Tonic for the Healer to use on the Elf Prince in the Dawn of Souls remake
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy
Type Castle
Greater location Elfheim
Inhabitants Elf Prince, Healer
Unique item(s) Mythril Hammer, Bronze Gloves, Gil, Mystic Key

The Elven Castle is a castle overseeing Elfheim and the Elf Prince's home in Final Fantasy. In the Nintendo Entertainment System version, it is named the Castle of Elf.[1] The Elven Castle consists of long, empty halls and a throne room. Outside the castle, to the upper-right, is a hidden treasure room. In remakes, the castle has red roofs and a light blue carpet covering the entire floor of the throne room.

Prior to the game's events, Astos had cursed the Elf Prince, putting him in a deep slumber. The Elf Prince is asleep on his bed in the castle's throne room. In the Warriors of Light's adventure, once they have obtained the Jolt Tonic, they must go to Elven Castle and give it to the Healer, who then uses it on the Elf Prince. Out of gratitude, the Elf Prince rewards the warriors with the Mystic Key.


There are four items, each found in a treasure chest in the upper-right treasure room. From left to right, the items are:


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