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Not to be confused with Fire.

Fira (ファイラ Faira?) is a Black Magic spell which is the first upgrade for the Fire spell. It has appeared in numerous Final Fantasy games, and has made its first appearance in Final Fantasy. Fira has a stronger variation, Firaga as well as Firaja in some games.

Game appearances[edit]

Final Fantasy[edit]

In Final Fantasy, Fira can be learned from the Level 3 Black Magic Shop in Elfheim. When used, Fira inflicts medium fire damage on all opponents. Fira uses 15 MP for each use. In the original Nintendo Entertainment System version, the Fira upgrade cost 1,500 gold, and starting with the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls remake, its price was reduced to 1,000 gil.

Fira was originally named FIR2 in the Nintendo Entertainment System release and Fire2 in Final Fantasy Origins.

Usable by
Warriors of Light Black Mage - Black Wizard - Ninja - Red Mage - Red Wizard
Enemies Astos - Horned Devils - Lich (Cavern of Earth battle) - Marilith - Rakshasas - Tiamat (Chaos Shrine) - Vampire Lords
Items Mage's Staff

Profiles and descriptions[edit]

Final Fantasy (NES)[edit]

  • Nintendo Power Strategy Guide (page 20): "The second fire spell inflicts between 30 to 120 points on each enemy."

Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls[edit]

  • "Deals fire damage to all foes." (Black Magic Shop)
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