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White Magic

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White Magic, also known as White, Wht Mag or Wht Magic, and spelled White Magick in the games set in Ivalice, are a branch of skills and a recurring magic type in the Final Fantasy franchise. Primarily a recovery and support skillset, White Magic can also be used offensively in some cases; Holy being such an exception.

In games that utilize the job system, practitioners of white magic are known as White Mages. Other jobs known to use White Magic include the Paladin, Sage, Red Mage, and Seer.


Final Fantasy series[edit]

Final Fantasy X[edit]

The primary user of white magic in Final Fantasy X is Yuna, who doubles as a Summoner. While all characters can learn white magic, Tidus and Yuna learn white magic through standard progression through the Sphere Grid. Yuna primarily learns defensive and curative spells in her progression. Tidus' white magic skillset includes time magic to accelerate allies and hinder opponents.

Final Fantasy XIV[edit]

In Eorzea, White Magic is a rarely used magic, developed by the ancient nation of Amdapor, close to present-day Gridania. Amdapor was embroiled in a three-way war against the black mages of Mhach and the nation of Nym in Vylbrand. Overuse of white and black magic resulted in the Sixth Umbral Calamity, a world-consuming flood. Use of white magic is thus heavily monitored and restricted.

Currently, white magic is occasionally practiced by the Padjals of Gridania, and possibly by the player. The white mage job is an extension of the conjurer job.

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