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Red Mage

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Red Mages are a standard class in most Final Fantasy games, being capable of using both White and Black Magic of beginning and middle tiers only and decent strength and capacity to wield physical weapons.


Red Mages capable of using both White and Black Magic, but always up to a certain level; the more advanced spells of each eluding them. They are also of decent strength and capacity to wield physical weapons, but not enough to make their physical attacks superior over classes like the Warrior; the class's greatest strength being its versatility, not in its great ability to defeat enemies with one method of attack.

Final Fantasy[edit]

Main article: Red Mage (Final Fantasy)

The class has been in existence since the first game, with their limitations on spell capacity compounding with the game's own restriction of only three spells of a magic level can be known by a single character, making their capacity of spells being only three per eight spells per magic level. their utility is truly put to the test. They can wield swords and is upgraded to the Red Wizard by Bahamut.

Bravely Default[edit]

Main article: Red Mage (Bravely Default)

Fiore DeRosa is the wielder the Red Mage asterisk, and his defeat grants the party the ability to become Red Mages. Thr function is overall the same as in previous games, with the job's look having a very different look, with