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Blue Mage

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Blue Mages are a class in some Final Fantasy games. They have the ability to learn unique spells from enemies.

Final Fantasy V[edit]

The class debuted in this game, being unlocked after the wind crystal breaks. They can unlock abilities which are casted on them, even if it kills them. Similar to the Red Mage, they can equip weapons such as swords

Final Fantasy VI[edit]

Strago Magus, originally called a "Lore Master" has the abilities of blue mage, picking up skills from enemies

Final Fantasy IX[edit]

Quina learns skills from enemies by eating them when at low health.

Final Fantasy X[edit]

Kimahri learns spells from enemies after using his Lancet on them.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[edit]

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[edit]

Blue Mages use sabres in combat. They can use the ability "Learn" which when set teaches skills that are used on them.

Final Fantasy XIV[edit]