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Strago Magus

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Strago Magus
Strago Magus FF6 artwork.jpg
Artwork for Final Fantasy VI
Sutoragosu Magosu
Date of birth June 13
Hometown Thamasa
Age 70
Job class Blue Mage
Gender Male
Height 4'11" (151 cm)
Weight 94 lb (43 kg)
Species Human
Blood type O
Family Relm Arrowny (granddaughter)

Strago Magus is a Blue Mage and a party member in Final Fantasy VI. He is descended from the ancient Mage Warriors who fought during the War of the Magi.


In Final Fantasy VI, Strago is the only person in Thamasa who professes any knowledge of the existence of Espers or magic. After talking to him, everyone else becomes more friendly, and the innkeeper lowers his outrageous rate to a mere 1 gil. During the night, Strago asks Terra and Locke to help him rescue his granddaughter Relm from a burning building, and then joins the party to search for the Espers that escaped the Sealed Gate.

In the World of Ruin, Strago awoke alone, and joined the Cult of Kefka. The voice of a loved one is said to shake the Cultist from his zombie-like state, and having Relm in the party will initiate a scene where she snaps him out of it and chews him out for joining the Cult. When the two return to Thamasa, they find Strago's old friend Gungho, injured by Hidon, the monster they used to hunt. Entering Ebot's Rock with Strago in the party and completing the challenge allows Strago the opportunity to learn Grand Delta when he fights Hidon.



Also known as Blue Magic, Strago's Lore ability allows him to learn the special attacks of certain enemies. In order to learn new Lores, Strago must be present and conscious at the time the desired skill is used by an enemy, by Gau, or through Relm's Sketch command. Furthermore, he must not have the Blind status ailment. Because Lores are magical in nature, equipping Strago with the Celestriad (Economizer) makes all of the magic point costs equal to one.


  • Very early in the development of Final Fantasy VI, there was an idea of Strago developing his own village in the style of Sim City, but was cancelled due to lack of time in the development schedule.[1]
  • Despite Strago being shown riding a machine of some sort in the artwork, no such machine makes an appearance on the game. In fact, Strago is never shown to have any mechanical knowledge.
  • Strago is likely based on the ancient Greek historian Strabo, as both are elderly scholars with knowledge of history and lore.
  • Strago is the only character in the game to share his name with Items: the Magus Rod and the Magus Hat.
  • Strago was originally supposed to be named Stragos. However, constraints forced programmers to limit player characters to 6 letter names, and thus the name was shortened to Strago.
  • Because Traveler (or Step Mine in the original translation) increases its MP cost as the game's clock counts higher, it will usually be the player's most expensive spell to cast, being over double the cost of any other spell if the game time is maxed out.


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