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Ebot's Rock

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Ebot's Rock is a location in Final Fantasy VI that is found in the southeast corner of the World of Ruin, directly north of Thamasa.


Upon visiting Thamasa, Strago finds his long time friend, Gungho, injured from a battle with the monster, Hidon, a long time rival of the two currently taking refuge in Ebot's Rock. To avenge Gungho, Strago visits the Rock for a final confrontation with Hidon. After defeating the monster, Strago returns to Thamasa gloating to Gungho, who had previously ridiculed Strago's failed attempts over the years to secure the monster's defeat.

For many of the characters, the World of Ruin is a place of redemption, where loose ends can finally be done away with. For Strago, his site of redemption is Ebot's Rock. As are most towns and dungeons in the World of Ruin, Ebot's Rock is not a compulsory site to visit. To access Hidon, one must obtain many pieces of coral (only obtained in the dungeon) and give them to a treasure chest. When Hidon is defeated, Strago will have redeemed himself, having conquered an enemy after years of despair. However, Hidon can be fought at anytime afterwards by continually talking to Gungho until he makes a comment on Hidon (having Strago in the party is not required for Gungho to announce Hidon's return).