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Cyan Garamonde

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Cyan Garamonde
Cyan FF6 artwork.jpg
Artwork of Cyan for Final Fantasy VI
Kaien Garamondo
Date of birth January 3
Hometown Doma Castle
Age 50
Job class Samurai
Gender Male
Height 5'10" (1.78 m)
Weight 158 lb (72 kg)
Species Human
Blood type A
Weapon(s) Katanas
Affiliation Doma
Occupation Soldier
Family Elayne (wife)
Owain (son)
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Cyan Garamonde is a samurai hailing from the kingdom of Doma and a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He has a wife named Elayne and a son named Owain.

Cyan speaks in a style resembling Shakespearean English, often using words and phrases such as "thou art" and "shalt not" and so on. Likewise, Cyan makes frequent use of the archaic copula verb "gozaru" in the Japanese version, a common feature of the faux-historic dialect used by samurai and ninja in other contemporary Japanese media.


Final Fantasy VI[edit]

In Final Fantasy VI, Cyan is first encountered when Kefka secretly poisons the castle's water supply, killing nearly everyone except Cyan and a Doma soldier who stood next to him in that scene.

Immediately following the poisoning and subsequent imperial invasion, Cyan flies into a murderous rage and challenges the entire army by himself. Seeing this, Sabin joins in to help him ward back the enemy troops. With nowhere else to go, Cyan joins the Returners to seek vengeance against the Empire. However, it becomes evident later (especially in the World of Ruin) that Cyan cannot forgive himself for failing to save his family and his king. As such, Cyan is generally portrayed as a serious and gloomy character.

At the Veldt, Cyan meets Gau, whom he grows close to and takes on a protective, almost fatherly role over the abandoned child.

Later, Cyan witnesses Elayne and Owain's spirits board the Phantom Train to the afterlife, which sends him into a depressed spiral that persists until the World of Ruin.

In the World of Ruin, Cyan sequesters himself atop Mt. Zozo, writing pseudo-love letters under the guise of a deceased Imperial soldier to Lola, a young woman in Miranda. This same soldier had previously requested Cyan and company write to Lola on his behalf upon meeting him in Mobliz before the planet's destruction.

Later, the player has the chance to bring Cyan to the aging ruins of Doma Castle, wherein the Dream Stooges invade Cyan's soul, with the rest of the party in hot pursuit. Cyan's soul is represented as a four-stage dungeon named Dreamscape: the first stage is a rather disorienting area where one party member must find the other two team members and then tackle the Dream Stooges. The second stage of the dungeon is based loosely on the Phantom Train, and the third stage is loosely based on the Narshe mines. The last stage is based on Doma Castle itself, with a similar layout, allowing the party to view some of Cyan's fondest memories (such as teaching his son Owain how to use a sword). The final boss of the dungeon is Wrexsoul, a composite demon that feeds on Cyan's depression. The party cannot backtrack to a previous stage upon clearing one. Upon clearing the whole dungeon, Cyan faces his guilt and overcomes it, restoring his faith in himself and his ability to live life.


Cyan's special ability is Bushido, a set of generally powerful skills that uses a time gauge to charge from level 1 to level 8. They can be learned by leveling up over time. Cyan will automatically learn all eight after visiting and completing the Doma side-quest in the World of Ruin. In the Japanese versions, each skill can be renamed, but this has been omitted in all of the American versions.

The Bushido skills include:

  1. Fang (formerly Dispatch): A powerful sword strike
  2. Sky (formerly Retort): Cyan launches a counterattack if attacked by an enemy
  3. Tiger (formerly Slash): An attack that halves the enemy's HP and inflicts Seizure status
  4. Flurry (formerly Quadra Slam): Attacks with 4 powered-down strokes; the target chosen is random
  5. Dragon (formerly Empowerer): Absorb some of an enemy's HP/MP
  6. Eclipse (formerly Stunner): Attack targeting multiple enemies; may inflict "Stop" upon enemy
  7. Tempest (formerly Quadra Slice): A more powerful 4-stroke attack
  8. Oblivion (formerly Cleave): Cyan's ultimate attack, can instantly defeat multiple enemies
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