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Mog FF6 artwork.jpg
Artwork for Final Fantasy VI
Date of birth May 11
Hometown Narshe Mines (Final Fantasy VI)
Age 11
Job class Moogle
Gender Male
Height 4'0" (122 cm)
Weight 97 lb (44 kg)
Species Moogle
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Mog is a moogle character that appears throughout the Final Fantasy franchise and the Chocobo series. He first appears in Final Fantasy VI.


Final Fantasy VI[edit]

In Final Fantasy VI, although he is part of the group of friendly moogles who help Locke save Terra early on in the game, Mog is essentially first encountered near his home in Narshe Mines. Mog joins the party after being rescued from the thief Lone Wolf in the World of Balance. He can also be found in the Moogle Cave of the Narshe Mines in the World of Ruin, depending on whether the player chooses to save him earlier in the game. Thus, although he is one of the 12 main characters, it is possible to play the game without ever recruiting Mog. Mog is notably the only Moogle in the game to speak English (courtesy of Ramuh). He also, as his above in-game description implies, has a rather rude, street-like way of talking. Mog is also the only creature in any kind of contact with the yeti, Umaro, and is thus able to recruit him later.

Chocobo Racing[edit]

In Chocobo Racing, Mog is one of the playable racers, and is available from the start. Mog uses Mog-Scooter R2 as his vehicle, and his ability is Flap. He is also one of the main characters in Story Mode, where he and Chocobo go on a journey to discover the secret of the blue crystals.

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Main article: Dance

Mog's Dance skill changes the scenery of the battle and randomly invokes one of four skills. Technically, unless the terrain is the "home terrain" of the dance, then Mog has a 50% chance of stumbling, falling over and doing nothing. Once Mog successfully starts a dance, however, the terrain will be changed to the "home terrain" of the dance so Mog can dance with no side-effects, making this a one-time effect. (This is evident if Gogo successfully initiates a different dance). Dances are learned after winning a battle in the appropriate environment. Mog can learn dances even if he was KO in battle. The dances themselves are rather reminiscent of Final Fantasy V's Geomancer abilities.

The dances are:

  • Wind Rhapsody: Dance of plains, aerial locations and the Coliseum.
  • Forest Nocturne: Dance of forests. Can be learned in any forest.
  • Desert Lullaby: Dance of deserts. Easily learned from any desert.
  • Love Serenade: Dance of towns and building interiors. It can be learned in enemy-ridden cities like Zozo.
  • Earth Blues: Dance of mountains and the Floating Continent. Can be learned in Mt. Kolts or Mt. Zozo, depending on the world.
  • Twilight Requiem: Dance of caverns. Most likely will be the first dance learned, during the battle to protect Terra.
  • Snowman Jazz: Dance of snowy regions. It can only be learned in the World of Ruin, in the snowy cliffs of Narshe.
  • Water Harmony: Dance of underwater regions. It can only be learned in the Serpent Trench or the Lethe River during the World of Balance. In Final Fantasy VI Advance, there is a chance to learn it in the World of Ruin when fighting Leviathan.


  • Mog is, in effect, the mascot of the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System release of Final Fantasy VI; he appears on its box cover, the cover of Kefka's Domain and in the original American commercial for the game, wherein he interviews (and disposes of) numerous threatening monsters for possible inclusion in the game.
  • Although it may just be a random Moogle instead, Mog frequently appears in the game to explain to the player how to progress in the next sequence. For example, Mog explains how to create and control multiple parties early in the game. The Moogle which gives the player a chance to save in between scenarios when the party first splits up is not Mog, despite the name saying so. There are two characters named Mog in the ROM, one is used for the scenario split, one is used for the actual game.
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