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Sabin Rene Figaro

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Sabin Rene Figaro
Masshu Rene Figaro
Date of birth August 16
Hometown Figaro Castle
Age 27
Job class Monk
Gender Male
Height 6'3" (190 cm)
Weight 233 lbs (106 kg)
Species Human

Sabin Rene Figaro is the twin brother of Edgar Roni Figaro and a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He is an expert in martial arts.


Sabin won freedom to leave the kingdom in a rigged coin toss with his brother (his brother lost on purpose but did not tell him) and became a master at martial arts training with the world-famous Duncan. He himself became a master learning the art of Blitz. Vargas, Duncan's son and student, became jealous of Sabin, believing Duncan would leave the school in Sabin's hands. Vargas attempts to kill Duncan and flees to Mt. Koltz, only to be defeated by Sabin.

In the World of Ruin, Sabin is found in Tzen. Sabin is using all of his strength to hold up a collapsing house, and does so until the party rescues a child trapped inside. Having been given hope from finding one other, Sabin joins the party to search for their remaining friends. This scenario is typically played out with Celes and Sabin alone, but it can be skipped until later and played with any party combination.

In the game, Sabin is a strong fighter. His weapons and armor choices are somewhat limited but more than made up for with his high vitality and martial arts skills.


Main article: Blitz

Sabin's Blitz command can be used in battles to perform various martial arts techniques. They are executed by selecting the Blitz command and pressing a certain sequence of buttons, much like a special move in a fighting game. The player cannot select the enemy which Sabin's blitzes target.

  • Raging Fist (formerly Pummel) - Attacks a single enemy with a flurry of punches.
  • Aura Cannon (formerly AuraBolt) - Attacks a single enemy with a beam of Holy damage.
  • Meteor Strike (formerly Suplex) - Leaps holding a single enemy and crashes them into the ground head-first. Does not work on all enemies and is most effective when only one enemy is on-screen.
  • Rising Phoenix (formerly Fire Dance) - Creates fire images of himself to attack the enemy party.
  • Chakra (formerly Mantra) - Heals other party members by the amount of life Sabin has divided by the amount of alive party members, and cures status effects.
  • Razor Gale (formerly Air Blade) - Creates blades that attack the enemy party for wind damage.
  • Soul Spiral (formerly Spiraler) - Heals his party's HP and MP by the amount Sabin has of each; removes him from battle and must be revived when the battle ends.
  • Phantom Rush (formerly Bum Rush) - Attacks a single enemy from all around for massive damage. This attack is magical despite the graphics, and can be enhanced by any Magic Power enhancing equipment.


  • In an optional cinema scene, entering the main walkway of Figaro Castle with both Sabin and Edgar in the party causes Sabin to leave the party and wander the castle. Sleeping in the inn there triggers a scene of Sabin in the throne room, where he remembers the death of his father, and his disgust over the obsession with the successor rather than the King's death. It is in this cinema scene that the coin flip is shown. Afterwards, Edgar emerges from behind a curtain, and the two toast their parents and Figaro. This cinema creates some minor timeline issues, as it can be seen in either the World of Balance or the World of Ruin, and in either Sabin remarks that he left the castle a decade ago.
  • Although the glove weapons used by Sabin and some characters in different Final Fantasy games appear to have been made up by the game's makers, they are similar to a real-life weapon, the Bagh-nakh.
  • Another cinema (and one that players are less likely to discover) takes place if Sabin and Edgar are in the party that attacks Vector. When Celes flips the coin to determine her deal with Setzer, if Edgar is in the party (regardless of if Sabin is as well), she asks him for a coin, and Edgar hands her the two-headed coin he used in his coin flip with Sabin. If Sabin is also in the party, he exclaims "Big Brother, don't tell me!", Edgar turns away, and Sabin thus discovers that his brother rigged their coin toss.
  • The character of Rene Fatima from Xenogears was named after Sabin, who's middle name is Rene. Much like Sabin, Rene is also a young martial artist whose brother is a handsome desert king. He was also a part of the rebellion against the game's "evil empire," the Sacred Empire of Solaris. His brother Roni is named after Edgar, who's middle name is Roni.
  • Professional wrestler Josh Harter uses the ring name, Chris Sabin, based on this character.
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