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Siren (summon)

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Siren's sprite for Mobile/Steam versions

Siren is a summon that appears in a few Final Fantasy games. She first appears as an esper in Final Fantasy VI. She is obtained as a magicite from Ramuh, and is used during the siren summon. It costs 16 MP to summon her, and she uses her Lunatic Voice to silence all enemies. Siren is a scantily dressed light-skinned blonde woman who carries a harp. She wears dark blue clothes, including a short top, shorts and matching shoes. Siren's sprite is shown from a side view while her rear is facing the screen.

Siren's sprite and design could have been based on the Venus Callipyge statue from the Naples National Archaeological Museum. This is most evident in the original Japanese Super Famicom release and the PlayStation version, regardless of region, because Siren is bottomless, meaning that her naked rear is exposed. The first time she was given a pair of shorts was in the North American Super Nintendo release, as per Nintendo of America's censorship policies. In Final Fantasy VI Advance, half of Siren's rear was covered by a piece of dark blue cloth. In smart phone and Steam releases, she was given shorts like in the North American Super Nintendo release, although her shorts are slightly worn.


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